5 Reasons why Bike Riding in Nepal is so Popular

There are the terms a motorbike rider lives by no matter where he or she is naturally from. Motorcycle riding is often linked through liberty and joyfulness, and correctly so. If you are a motorcycle rider and planning to visit Nepal, then the rider is going to love motorcycle tours in this nation. In comparison to the western nations to love like the US or UK, Nepal is a motorbike nation, there are possibly 20 times more 2-wheelers than 4 wheelers in this nation.

The reason why Bike riding in Nepal is so popular is that not everybody can afford vehicles and motorcycles are inexpensive. But other than that, motorbikes are just too happy to ride, even those people who can afford vehicles choose motorbikes in Nepal whether it’s going on a holiday or commuting each day. Motorbike is the number of modes of transportation for more than half the number of private vehicle owners in the nation. Whereas, a short time ago, outsiders coming to explore Nepal have also taken a liking to initiating motorbike tours in Nepal.

The number one cause why motorbike tours are becoming famous in Nepal is due to its fastness. In the capital city of Kathmandu, the central area of the whole nation is very crowded 11 months out of 12, and the traffic is intolerable sometimes. If the individual is in a public vehicle or any type of four wheeler, they may even be stuck in traffic for some time. Hence, in the case the individual is in a motorbike, they can just zoom past vehicles, take shortcuts and escape the traffic

Even traveling outside the Kathmandu Valley on long tours is normally faster compared to traveling in Public vehicles

Another cause for the expansion of motorcycle tours in Nepal is that motorcycles make them the master of their tour. The individual doesn’t have to hassle their driver to return back 5 kms to pick up their forgotten bag, on the other hand they do not have to wait for anybody if they want to set their tour at 5 am.

Nepal is a nation of attractive views, enormous peaks, serene rivers and lakes, but the individual possibly won’t get to witness all this at the time of traveling from one location to another even if anything magnificent is en route. A lazy driver, narrow roads, duration limitations, whatever the cause might be, the individual would be missing out a huge deal. Hence, if the individual is on a motorcycle, they can travel any place they want, whenever they want, and witness things they may have never witnessed if they are on a ride journey.

Another reason why Bike riding in Nepal is so popular in Nepal is that individuals coming here are already coming to Nepal through the feeling of adventure in their heart. At the time Nepal is also a relaxing destination, people visit Nepal for trekking to enormous peaks, witness rafting, bungee to the deepest original gorge in the planet, and other adventurous events. As motorcycle tours are already linked through adventure, individuals are just keener on witnessing the most favorable time in the nation.

5 reasons why Bike riding in Nepal is so popular are mentioned below:

If the riders are planning a tour in Nepal and seeking for a most memorable adventure, motorcycle riding might be the answer they have been searching for. Through liberty to chart their course, visit isolated places, and link through locals, motorcycles provide a genuine option to witness Nepal. In this blog, we’ll highlight five top reasons motorcycle riding in Nepal has become very famous and why the riders must strap on their helmet, rev up their engine, and be prepared to explore the magic of motorcycle riding in Nepal.


Reach faster – Quicker method of Transportation

Nepal is home to stunning views, hence, navigating this can be demanding, significantly at the time traveling by car or bus due to the crowded highways. Through a motorcycle, the rider can visit any place and whenever the rider wants to ride the motorbike. Whether the rider is going for short tours or starting on long duration tours such as leaving Kathmandu city, a motorcycle will reach the rider quicker than any other modes of transportation. Unlike public transportation, a motorcycle can surpass cars and also move through shortcuts, minimizing travel duration and permitting them to witness more of Nepal’s attractions. On the other hand it is more than comfortability – a motorcycle can take the riders to locations to other methods of transportation that are too fast.

Get rider’s Excitement Pumping – A Feeling of Liberty and Adventure
Traveling by motorcycle is exceptional which presents a feeling of liberty and handle like no other method of transportation. The rider will have full control over their tour, dictating their traveling speed and stopping whenever likely to stop. Either the rider feels like making a fast stop at a local tea shop or take in stunning views around them, a high-speed ride or a slow one, travel to the maximum height of the beautiful highlands or get onto the adventurous race, a motorcycle permits riders to witness it all on their terms. The wind blowing by their hair and the scents of the environment cover them, making an honest magnificent experience. Generally, at the time of doing the tour, the individuals visiting Nepal on motorcycle can make the tour most unforgettable!

Reveal the Hidden or Explore the Secret Places

Nepal is a small divergent nation. And the most favorable option to explore this land is through riding a motorbike. Through a motorbike, the rider can visit the locations and witness things they might have never faced if they are touring by car. Riding a motorcycle permits them to not just visit small towns and settlements but also plunge into local cultures and discover secret gems. Furthermore, the riders acquire access to the most isolated places, consistently inaccessible through car or other vehicles. Either navigating a winging highland road or traveling a dirt route by the countryside, motorbike riding in Nepal takes the riders to the locations off-limits to the other methods of transportation, offering a stunning level of liberty, adventure, and exploration.

Save some Money – Worthwhile

For those seeking to visit the nation on a budget, motorbike riding is the answer. Motorcycles are inexpensive to hire and maintain that cars other vehicles. In Nepal, motorcycle hiring agencies present inexpensive each day or weekly rates, creating a panoramic choice for budget-conscious visitors. Furthermore, motorcycle riding in Nepal permits visitors to cross the requirement for costly taxis or private vehicles. For example, car rides are more expensive and time-consuming in cities like Kathmandu, in which traffic can be slow and crowded. On the other hand, at the time of the touring on motorcycle, the riders can save some cash on tour costs and guides charges, as visitors can take a self-guided tour of isolated regions.

The Rider is the Master of their Tour – Visit Any Place, at Anytime

The rider can become the master of their tour when you hop on their motorcycle and hit the road. Unlike other methods of transportation, in which the schedules and routines dictate their events, motorcycle riding permits them to choose where to travel and how long to stay there. Through the motorcycle, they can stop for a break or take in the beauty whenever they want without being tied to a tour group. In addition, being the master of their tour indicates that they can challenge themselves to push their confines and take on initial adventures, allowing the riders to make most memorable memories and witness of visiting Nepal which are different their own.

What is a Motorcycle Tour?

Motorcycle Tour is tourism which involves a motorcycle as the main vehicle all their tour. It’s completely different from other forms of tourism as one can feel fully free at the time of traveling. They can experience each inch of the terrain where they are. The roar of the wind, the landscapes of the world crossing by, and the road ahead offers a boundless amount of liberty at the time of riding a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Tour can differ in both distance and traveling method rely upon the individual. Some people love to visit alone, while others prefer to join a motorcycle touring group. Correspondingly, there are individuals who love to take small tours and travel slowly, experiencing every possible perception on their way at the time other riders take motorcycle touring to the next level by traveling thousands of miles.

How to Choose a Motorcycle for Touring?

Choosing a motorcycle for touring is the most significant prospect to do first if the rider is making arrangements to go for motorcycle touring. If the individual has their own motorbike they can take it too during the tour but certainly, some motorbikes are better compared to other tours. The best choice behind deciding on a motorcycle for touring is to get a motorcycle for touring which will take you on their tour, Riders to be to consider couple of questions:

  • How much can I afford to make expanses on my motorbike touring motorcycle hiring or purchase?
  • Will I be riding solo or two-up?
  • What kind of roads am I probably going to be touring on?
  • Do I make arrangements for camping or staying in hotels/guesthouses?
  • What duration of tours am I possibly to take, both in terms of the number of miles and days?
  • What is the highest seat height of a bike that I can ride safely?
  • What is the weight of a bike?
  • What is the elevation I reach with my motorcycle?

Dependability: The rider’s motorbike is the only means which is together with them until their tour from beginning to accomplishment so every time riders concentrate on dependability first. Every time riders are to have a certified mechanic have a check to a motorbike prior they start on the tour. Riders are to check even a minor on their motorbike.

Riding Range prior to Refueling: It relies on what kind of touring they will be doing and where they will be doing it. Bike riding on the city or highways and off-road can differ in length differently so they have to note how effective their motorbike is. A supplementary fuel tank is most required if they are traveling into the mountain ranges or somewhere, where the gas station will not simply be accessible. For information, a motorcycle through a range of a minimum 150-200 miles must be selected.


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