Best times to go for a motorcycle tour in Nepal

Nepal is a nation of topographical diversity, as each region has a diverse landscape, and climate. Motorcycle trekking can be done all over the year relying upon the parts of the country. Motorcycle tour events in Nepal are on the basis of exploring the mountain region or visiting closer high mountains from the viewpoint.

Lekesi Motorbike Tours Nepal provides unforgettable motorbike tours to all the riders in the heart of the highlands and mountainous ranges. Every country has 4 seasons all over the year but Nepal has 6 seasons that are called Ritu. Best times to go for a motorcycle tour in Nepal is mostly visitors choose the spring and autumn season to travel to Nepal but some regions of Nepal can be expired all over the year. Each season comprises 2 months according to the Nepali calendar.

Basranta Ritu (Spring Season)

This is the second-best season for the motorcycle trekkers that lie in mid-March to mid-May (Chaitra and Baisakh Nepali Month). At this time of season new buds are grown in trees and diverse flower fluorescence like Rhododendron (national flower of Nepal), Magnolia, and other wildflowers in various regions of the nation. This season captivates a huge number of visitors. It is regarded as flexible weather due to warm weather, i.e. not very hot and cold. Clear sky and favorable weather in the highland area make this season a more traveler season. It is a suitable month for a Motorcycle tour. Appropriate time as motorcycle riding in the whole popular location of Nepal as well as Tibet that involves Everest Base Camp Motor-biking through Nepal.

Grishma Ritu (Summer Season)

This is the hottest season so, it’s not mostly chosen for a long-duration motorcycle tour in the low land region of Nepal. Motorcycle tours to the highland region are still an appropriate season in these months. At the time of this summer season is the most favorable season for farmers to grow crops. This lies within mid-May to mid-July or in Jestha and Aashad in regards to the Nepali calendar. This is also called the Pre-Monsoon season.

Barsha Ritu (Monsoon Season)

Barcha indicates rain in English, so the rainy season is known as Barsha Ritu. It lies in mid-July to mid-September or Shrawan and Bhadra in Nepali Calendar. At the time of this season it rains heavily and rainstorms at times. It causes soil erosion in some regions because of the heavy precipitation and the roads will be muddy that makes traveling chaotic. There are some motorcycle tour locations still likely to do this season. The Upper Mustang region is a precipitation region bordering the Tibetan plateau.

Sharad Ritu (Autumn Season)

Autumn season lies within mid-September to mid-November or at the time of Ashwin-Kartik in accordance to Nepali calendar. Autumn is also called the Post-Monsoon season. This season is called the best season for visitors as it captivates a huge number of visitors. This season is also called the season of festivals as the significant festival of Nepali, Dashai, and Tihar lies at the time of this season. This season provides enjoyable weather, since the environment gets clear by summer monsoons. At the time of autumn the weather is not influenced by the cold. So, a motorcycle tour can be arranged in any area of Nepal.

Hemanta Ritu (Pre-Winter)

Pre-Winter lies at the time of Mangsir and Poush as per Nepali calendar and at the time of mid-November to mid-January in English Calendar. At the time of this season the temperature starts to decrease. Motorbike tour to the highland can be much colder but still likely to ride a short trip. The most favorable route in Nepal for motorcycle tour routes in Nepal for motor-biking in these months is to Jomsom Muktinath motor-biking. This is a Mustang region that is also called lower Mustang. Motor-biking to the low land of Nepal to travel to historical locations like Lumbini, original place Chitwan, Gorkha, Bandipur, Pokhara that is the best route of motor-biking in a proper highway is a suitable season at the time of pre-winter.

Shishir Ritu (Winter Season)

Shirsir Ritu is also called as the coldest season of Nepal. It lies from mid-January to mid-March, which is Magh-Falgun as per Nepali calendar. The temperatures are nearly freezing point and the high altitude region at the time of this season witness rugged weather and heavy snowfall. Winter days are cold and sunny. This is the best season to explore if anybody has to witness even in snowfall. Motorcycle tour adventure in Nepal during this time is not really advised.

Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal has various packages which will assist the riders against the highland or visit Nepal’s legendary cities. Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal supports its clients in understanding the most favorable time for motorbike trekking as per the client’s destination. This agency is a completely equipped adventure agency which can operate Motor-biking tours in many places of Nepal.

Popular Motorcycle Tours in Nepal and Favorable Season to Plan

 Jomsom Muktinath Motorcycle Tour

As we know, it’s very hard to forecast the weather of Himalayan ranges, spring and autumn are the best seasons for a motorcycle tour to Jomsom Muktinath. Pre-winter months are still fun to ride in this region. Spring and autumn seasons fall in March, April, May, September, October, and November. At the time of spring season the roads are normally snow-free and highland views are transparent. And the time of autumn the climate and temperature are cool. At the time of autumn the countryside gets lush green because of precipitation. We can experience a clear sky witnessing a not so cold temperature. We can also visit at the time of summer due to the temperature in summer is not so hot in highland and Himalayan regions.

Upper Mustang Motorcycle Tour

The best time for a motorcycle tour in Upper Mustang is spring and autumn. The riders have to pass through muddy roads to direct the road to Upper Mustang. So, rainy months can be difficult in these parts. Correspondingly, the winter season can be heavy snowfall in the Upper Mustang region which causes people unable to ride over it. Even Though Upper Mustang is a rain shadow region, less rain even in the rainy season can make a motorbike.

Motorbike Ride near Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a historic city. Around Kathmandu offers original beauty and cultures of combined Nepalese Settlement. Out of the crowd but to nature, a motorcycle tour around Kathmandu is the best plan for those who are in a short period but willing to witness Nepal. A motorcycle tour close by Kathmandu can be done all season. If the riders love snow then a motorcycle tour at the time of winter season will be favorable due to the near hill station of Kathmandu valley receiving snowfall during the winter season.

Motorcycle Tour to Manang and Trek to Tilicho Lake

The most favorable months for motorcycle and trek to Tilicho Lake are March, April, May, June, September, October, and November that usually falls in spring, prior to summer, autumn, and pre-winter. Tilicho Lake lies at 4919 meters elevation and is one of the highest and freshwater lakes in Nepal covered by the high mountainous ranges. This adventure includes riding and trekking. Motorcycle road till Tilicho Lake is still not linked. Riders can enjoy a ride to Khangsar village close to Manang and trekking to Tilicho Lake.

Everest View Motorcycle Trek

Everest View Motorcycle Trek can be done at the time of spring, summer, autumn, and pre-winter. This ride is in the bottom region of Mount Everest. A short day’s ride direct to the nearer viewpoint of Mount Everest. It is also to visit the highland region of Nepal that is attractive. Riders can visit village ways of living and diverse cultural land.

Mountainous Motorcycle Tour

As everybody chooses, the best season is spring and autumn. But also can be visited at the time of pre-winter and winter seasons. As the weather is sunny at the day time and does not receive snowfall in these regions. Mountainous Motorcycle Tour in Nepal is to visit natural cities, mountain ranges, and peoples.

 Best times to go for a motorcycle tour in Nepal

Panning the Ride in Nepal


Nepal is an exceedingly mountainous nation, through few of the highest passes (and most of the highest peaks) in the planet. As an outcome, it is highly recommended that the riders can carry through multiple pairs of inner and external thermal at the time of motorbike touring in Nepal. Rain in the season within June and November is modest, but it would be an absolute to carry rain equipment with the motorbike riders.

That comes through high pass? Altitude sickness. Even Though there isn’t a looming risk of it everywhere they ride across Nepal, riders are to be advised to keep them hydrated all times since it is equitably easy to get dehydrated at high elevations without knowing. If the riders are riding to areas which are above 8000 ft, then it is recommended for the riders to acclimatize themselves at lower elevations for a night or two of energy drinks and altitude sickness tablets.


Nepal being a small nation, majority of the locations to ride to from the capital city of Kathmandu won’t be further than 400 kms at one expanse, but irregular broken roads on the way can mean distances take much longer to ride than they are familiar.

Accordingly, the riders are to plan their ride length in a way where they leave early and they are to ride for around half a day at the time they stop at numerous beauty locations during the ride on the way for pictures and short hikes. If they have ridden in other places in which they’ve had to do 1000 to 1500 miles each day, then this ride would provide the riders much variety of preference and possibly, a better one!


For riding motorbikes in Nepal, the riders will be required to have essential documentation aside from a Carnet that involves a motorbike license. The normal license that they carry all places would do since there are too many police checkpoints all over Nepal. If the rider could obtain an international driving license done too, then it would be better for them to hold. Also riders are to be sure to have a travel insurance policy that covers emergency medical evacuation.

To tell about the carnet document for the motorbike, a carnet can be acquired from the local motoring authority of the rider’s nation since it is needed to enter Nepal. The rider’s motorbike will be permitted in Nepal for six months through the carnet they get done, they can exit Nepal within and re-enter but the in-inclusive time duration of the motorbike’s stay will be bounded to 6 months, and it will expire in 12 months. So in simple words, the riders can stay in Nepal for a complete six months out of any of the twelve months in a year.


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