Cheapest bike (Motorcycle) rent in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a city with a lot to provide, and one of the most favorable options to see it all with hiring a motorbike. Hence, seeking a cheapest bike (Motorcycle) rent in Kathmandu can be tricky, since most agencies charge high charges. In this blog, we will discuss a few of the most favorable locations to find cheapest bike (Motorcycle) rent in Kathmandu, Nepal. From local agencies to internet options, we’ll support you to find the excellent hiring for your needs. Motorcycles are one of the great options for traveling to places and visiting faraway sights.

At the time other means of transportation are accessible; traveling by motorbike is more comfortable and flexible. So no question motorcycle hiring has been an active service, significantly in travel-packed nations like Nepal. Those who don’t own particular motorcycles can at present enjoy the service of hiring motorcycles in Nepal too. There are a lot of hiring services provided by such service providers and cost varies from motorcycles, hiring period, and individual requirements. So, if you’re seeking for the top Motorcycles to hire in Kathmandu Lekbesi Motorcycle Tours Nepal.

Our agency comes at the top for motorcycle hiring in Kathmandu and we have dependable services for anybody to hire motorbikes for any time they want. The motorbike rental provides different hiring programs for motorcycles from brands like Royal Enfield and Yamaha. Apart from the obvious hiring service, Lekbesi Motorcycle Tours Nepal provides tours like the Upper and Lower Mustang tour, Muktinath Tour, lot more. Our agency’s hiring service is compiled of experts, mechanics, and guides to assure the best service on motorcycle hiring. Lekbesi Tours Motorcycles Nepal provides

Motorcycle hiring in Kathmandu with Lekbesi Motorcycles Tours Nepal

Seeking an inexpensive and comfortable option to get around Kathmandu? Bike hiring in Kathmandu is a great choice! If you choose Lekbesi Motorcycles Tours Nepal, we provide the cheapest motorbike rental in Kathmandu.

There are a lot of advantages to hiring a motorcycle rather than taking public transportation or hiring a car. Firstly, it’s much cheaper compared to other options. You can also escape traffic jams and save time by zipping around the city on a motorbike. Additionally, motorbike hiring in Kathmandu is a fun option to visit Nepal! At the time you hire from the agency, you can select from a variety of different motorbikes.

If you are seeking a cheap motorbike hire in Kathmandu, Nepal, there are some prospects you need to understand.

First, the legitimate age to ride a motorbike in Nepal is 18.
Second, you’ll be required to buy insurance for your hiring motorbike.
Finally, be sure to familiarize yourself with the local traffic rules prior to starting on the roads.

To hire a motorbike in Kathmandu, you need to deposit in most agencies, in which you can make payment in cash or by credit card. Once you’ve paid, you’ll be provided with a key to our hiring motorbike and off you go! Just keep in mind to return the motorbike in the similar condition in which you received it in and to fill up the gas tank prior to returning it back.

Where to rent a motorbike in Kathmandu, Nepal for the cheapest prices?

Kathmandu is a great location to hire a motorbike. is best.

Here are a few tips on motorbike rental in Kathmandu:

  • Firstly, you are required to decide what type of motorbike you want to hire. There are a lot of different kinds of motorbikes. So be sure you select one which is suitable for your needs.
  • Once you’ve decided on the kind of motorbike, research various hiring agencies through the search tool and compare rates.
  • Be sure you read the hiring agreement cautiously prior to signing anything. Focus on prospects like the deposit amount, insurance coverage, and cancellation policy.
  • Ask all over for advice from friends or family who have already hired motorbikes in Kathmandu.
  • Lastly but not least, remember to wear a helmet! Nepal has strict rules regarding wearing helmets at the time riding motorbikes, so be sure you’re appropriately safeguarded prior to starting on the road.

The cost of motorbike hiring in Kathmandu, Nepal

If you are looking for cheapest bike (Motorcycle) rent in Kathmandu, then motorbike hiring in Kathmandu is a great choice. Rates for motorbike hiring in Kathmandu begins from around 1000 rupees per day (around $10 USD), creating a very reasonable choice for its budget visitors. There is a lot of reputable motorbike hiring agencies in Kathmandu, so make sure to do your research prior to selecting one.

Here is the listed Price of Motorcycle rental in Kathmandu Nepal provided by Lekbesi Motorcycle Tours Nepal

# Bike Model Engine Capacity Rate Per Day Per Month
1 Nrs. Negotiable
2 Nrs. Negotiable
3 Nrs. Negotiable
4 Nrs. Negotiable
5 Nrs. Negotiable
6 Nrs. Negotiable
7 Nrs.) Negotiable


The advantages of hiring a motorbike in Kathmandu, Nepal

Motorbike hiring in Kathmandu, Nepal can be an increasingly comfortable and cost-effective option to get around the city. Motorbikes are much cheaper to hire compared to cars, and they can easily navigate the city’s crowded streets. Furthermore, parking a motorbike is normally much easier and affordable in comparison to parking a car.

There are a few prospects to remember at the time of hiring a motorbike in Kathmandu.

Firstly, everytime wear a helmet when riding. Secondly, be careful of the city’s traffic rules and regulations. Thirdly, ride defensively and be careful of other vehicles while on the road. Lastly but not the least, be sure to return the motorbike in the same status as it was before.

Cheap motorbike hiring in Kathmandu

Seeking a cheap motorbike rental in Kathmandu? Whether you’re seeking for a short-term rental in Kathmandu or a long-term lease, you will find an excellent motorbike for you. We know that rate is a significant component at the time it comes to selecting a motorbike in Kathmandu. That’s why the tool in most of the agency websites compares prices to find unbeatable prices on motorbike rental in Kathmandu. So what are you waiting for? Book your affordable hiring in Kathmandu today!  Call us +977 9866551703


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