How do you travel on a motorcycle In Nepal?

Majority of motorbike riders all over the globe have visions to do a Nepal motorbike trip once in their lifetime. Due to the Nepal’s different topographical position and difference in elevation. Nearly entire roads in Nepal narrow upland and high altitude roads through lots of turn and twist. Freshly built roads like Jomsom, Muktinath, Upper Mustang and Manang across the rocky land together the side of the speed running river through many downhill and highland.

This road is a world famous trail for motorbike tours in Nepal. Hence the motorbike riders get lifetime experience in Nepal. This article How do you travel on a motorcycle In Nepal? has important information and supports the motorbike rider to arrange and plan to do motorbike tours in Nepal. If the motorbike rider is willing to do motorbike the question will arise: How do you travel on a motorcycle In Nepal? Here are tips about How do you travel on a motorcycle In Nepal?

Choose the best Motorbike Tours Company

The world over there is many motorbike tours agencies who arrange guided and self-guided motorbike tours in various places. They also rent motorbikes for travelers. It is hard to find the finest motorbike tours company next to the rider’s nation or away from their town. Here are some suggestions that support the motorbike riders to find the finest motorbike tours company for motorbike tours in Nepal.

Motorbike register in the name of the motorbike our Organizer Company

The expert motorbike tours company has their own motorbike in the register in the name of the arranger company. They never obtain the motorbike from individuals after reservation on motorbike trips. According to the rule, a personal registered motorbike is not permitted to be used for marketing purposes and in adverse and unseen conditions is hard to insure.

Insurance of Motorbike

Prior to booking a tour the riders are to be assured of motorbike insurance. Motorbike insurance assists the riders in unlucky and unseen situations. Riders are to conform to insurance policies to cover the loss and damage of motorbikes.

Third party Insurance

There are two kinds of third-party obligation coverage. First, physical injury obligation covers prices resulting from injuries to a person. Their bruising prices could involve expenditure like medical care, lost salaries, and pain and suffering because of the accident. Second, possessions damage obligation liability covers prices resulting from damages to or loss of possessions.

Friendly and well trained Road Captains/Tour Guides

Motorbike trips in Nepal on the way to Muktinath Experience road captains have broader ideas and capability to handle motorbike trips. Provide a very friendly, intense fun surrounding, so that the riders have a good time on the motorbike trips. Each client is treated uniformly and with the respect and dignity they deserve, they have a perfect way of establishing friendship through motorbike riders.

Best time for motorbike tours in Nepal

All-inclusive autumn season is 1st September 30th November with clear blue skies, pleasingly warm temperatures, and an abundance of vegetation post rainy season is an absolute time for motorbike tours in Nepal. Spring season 1st March to 15th June moderately warm but a slightly chill at night, abundantly of sunshine, long days, clear transparency, and large rhododendron flowers create this great time for motorbike trips in Nepal.

The motorbike riders are required to be equipped for unexpected weather alterations at the time riding a motorbike. That’s why riding equipment must be selected cautiously prior to motorbike trips in Nepal. Unexpected rainstorms or snowfall are consistently a probability which requires one to be cautious. The weather at the time of autumn and spring is more stable.

Climate in Nepal

The climatic conditions in Nepal vary from one location to another as per the topographic condition. To the northern regions of the nation, summers are cool and winters are freezing cold, at the same to the south, summer seasons are humid and winter seasons are cool. A usual temperature descent is about 6 degrees Celsius in a 1,000 m maximize in altitude. To the south, summer temperatures surpass 37 degree Celsius and, in winter range from 7 degree Celsius to 23 degree Celsius.
In hill and Himalayan regions, winter temperature can fall below freezing. Kathmandu has a pleasing temperature though average summer and winter of 19 degree Celsius – 34 degree Celsius – 14 degree Celsius subsequently.

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