Is May good for motorcycle tours in Nepal?

By May it is into the pre-monsoon season in Nepal. Moisture is generating and there’s a higher possibility of rain. Down on Nepal’s lower altitudes it’s hot and sweaty by mid-afternoon through the temperatures in the mid-30’s. Cloud can sweep quickly over the skies generating sudden sharp rainstorms. But after the rain arrives, coolness and respite. Greenery is at its righteous during this time of year, and there’s an amazing earthly smell to the air.

 But the month of May is not a bad month to travel to Nepal. The rainstorm is not consistent and the overcast skies frequently give more textured light that is an absolute for taking pictures of landscapes. There’s a perception of assumption in the air, the monsoon is just over the corner, and individuals are nearly a little restless. As the weather gets heated, wildlife spend more time close to watering holes, creating a good month for rhino spotting in Bardia and Chitwan National Park (If the individual won’t mind temperatures in the low 30s). Buddha Jayanti – the festival observing the birthday of Lord Buddha – is often celebrated in the month of May, at the time Buddhist shrines will be decorated through gleaming colored prayer flags as sparkling lamps. 

This is the second-best season called Basanta Ritu for the motorcycle trekkers that lie in mid-March to mid-May (Chaitra and Baisakh Nepali month). This season captivates a huge number of visitors. It is a good month to arrange plans for a motorcycle tour. Good time as motor biking in the popular places of Nepal on the other hand Tibet that involves Everest Base Camp Motor biking in Nepal. 



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