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Giving a thought about traveling to Nepal by motorcycle? The riders can make it reality and they will have the most enjoyment they have ever experienced in their lives. This will be adventurous on the other hand risky if the riders are very forgetful. Hence the riders must keep in mind some of the Useful Tips for Nepal Motorcycle Tour before making arrangements. Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal will guide the riders by the prospects to consider renting a motorbike or motorbike tour for the tour in Nepal.

Here are some of the Useful Tips for Nepal Motorcycle Tour

Select a Convenient Bike:
Whatever kind of motorcycle the rider selects, they must be comfortable through it. It’s not just regarding appearing cool while on the bike but also appropriately. Before selecting the motorbike, they can choose the classifications of motorbike rental prices in Nepal which are accessible for hiring and trips. The riders can check here the information regarding the bikes or contact the agency Motorbike Tours Nepal for more details.

Appropriate Gear to Ride
For long duration riding, the riders should wear riding pants, lower leg boots (protecting shoes can be an alternate), a ding coat, and of course a full face head protector. Or on the other hand, there is the alternate of knee and elbow watches or body protecting layer. Motorcycling rigging can without much of an expansion be bought on the online or in motorcycle shops in Nepal.

The riders are to attempt to get as integrating a ze as could, bulging and loose clothing might be an unsettling effect and generate difficulty. At the time completely equipped, the riders may feel weighty and uneasy at first, but once the riders get on the bike, conceiving that they are riding more protected will make the riding steadily enjoyable and provide the riders more remarkable certainty. Furthermore, the riders acquire a greater amount of the biker sense.

Rent a Motorbike or Join Motorcycle Tour in Nepal
It is very simple as Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal offers several choices of bike types for many locations. The riders can also check the webpage of this agency or contact them in accordance to the description because this agency has a broad range of bikes to select from and hiring also offers the riders the liberty to maintain a pretty unclosed each day riding agenda.

At the time coming for the adventure motorcycle trip in Nepal, the riders can also make their own custom route; it can take a longer duration but is also an enjoyable experience. The riders acquire an opportunity to learn regarding new locations, acquire information through other riders, and can ride at the rate which world for them. The riders might select in accordance to their personal choice. They can hire a motorbike or join any of the agency’s guided tour packages.

If the riders go through the agency’s guided motorcycle guided tours packages in Nepal it will initiate a complete guidance of their tour travel organizing so that the riders could freely make the journey to the desired destinations. Having an experienced guide who is familiar with local language and regions could provide them calmness and riders can completely experience the tour together with other riders without taking much stress that involves the agency’s experienced Mechanics who will take care after the bikes at the time of journeys.

Don’t Overpack, Pack Light:
There’s an incredible range of motorcycle baggage accessible in stores in Nepal to select from metal to gentle textile luggage. There are backpacks which can affix on the back seat of their bike, tank packs which start their tank, and can carry lighter things, tailbacks which can carry ropes to the back seat, etc. These are available on the internet or in motorcycle stores and arrive in different sizes and styles to suit their bike kind.

At the time of packing, riders are to make sure to carry as much expandable stuff as they can, that can be used and discarded.

This will help them in removing a ton of weight as the riders make their journey for instance instead of shampoo bottles carrying small envelope; carrying small soap bars, disposable toothbrushes that they can slip through on their ride back.

Riders are not to needlessly carry a lot of changes of garments, rather they try to wash & reuse their garments. They also do not fold their clothes – roll them, they occupy less room in that option. Essential medicines are an undoubted requirement. Riders are to be ready and organize for any barriers.

Stay Hydrated
Many people do not give focus on drinking water during a motorcycle road tour. It is recommended to invest in a hydration pack that is fundamentally a water bottle in a backpack through a tube that the rider can slide over their shoulder and drink water from by not removing the helmet or also stopping.

Maintaining themselves properly hydrated all over their ride will save on all the exertion produced by dehydration else they can purchase Mineral waters at the time of the journey.

Know the Route
Not many people are good with directions and keeping in mind roads, but one must have a clear perception of direction that they are headed in and should acknowledge the route that they are taking to escape wasting time and being lost. Riders care to carry a screen or image of map on their cell phone or a printout of the map. Or they can simply download famous maps on their cell phone like Google Maps, Maps me etc.

Riders are not too awkward to interact with locals for directions and in situations they see other riders on their way, they can also discuss with them, for all the riders know, they might just get to know of a more fascinating route. They can have fun with the ride and try to view other motorcyclist’s events before they begin.

Take Breaks
The significant prospects which they keep in mind are that it’s not a marathon or race. Riders are to recognize at the time their bike and body requires a break and stop and rest for certain duration each few km or each few hours relying on the territory. Also, they are not to take a lot of breaks, or else, it just cuts off the riding motion. At the time of break, they also need to check if they have sufficient water for drinking and sufficient fuel in the tank so that they can arrange an upcoming break as per that.

Began on Light Stomach
This is one of the significant issues encountered by the new riders. Riders are to eat light morning meals, and try an early lunch and not to eat too much. Big meals take a lot of strength to digest and will make them dazed. Apart from that, toilets on the roads in Nepal are not that much dependable and they might have to go to the riverfront or even in the jungle leaving their bike and things neglected. Hence it is better to have a light morning meal and carry some snacks and power bars during the tour.

Be Prepared For any kind of climate
The significant point that they are required to consider is that they might plan each and all things but they can never be 100 % assured regarding the climate or weather they should be ready for any type of weather, it might rain at any point in time. Carrying raincoats and pants which will fit over their riding equipment and rainproof for backpacks is a must. Riders try and test their equipment during the rainy day at home at the time of their spare time since journey at the time of rain is very dangerous.

Share the Ride through Others – Take Photos and Videos Together with the Way
Since this is a digital time sharing the adventure through the lens of the camera or smartphone is the initial tendency. It is not only regarding memories, riders can let the family and colleagues involve and experience the road through them, they can share their ride on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. where they can also share pictures and videos of their best stops and moments during the journey on the road. They can capture their times during the journey on the road and live the similar feeling ever after a lot of years.

Follow the Traffic Rules
Riders are not to forget the simple traffic rules and regulations like:

Don’t drink and drive

Wear helmet

Follow road sign

Keep the motorcycle driving license every time with you etc.

Stay Motivated
The attractiveness of riding a motorcycle is that once they begin enjoying it, there’s no stopping. Every time it is good to stay motivated and delighted, even if the people fall, skid, or have a flat. Getting panicked and afraid isn’t really helpful.

Best time for Motorcycle tours in Nepal

All-inclusive autumn season 1st September to 30th November through clear blue skies, pleasing warm temperatures, and a richness of vegetation post rainy season is an absolute time for absolute period for motorcycle journeys in Nepal. Spring season 1st March to 15th June is moderately warm but a slight chill at night, adequate sunshine, long days, transparent visibility, and big rhododendron flowers make this a great time for motorcycle journeys in Nepal.

They are required to be equipped for unforeseen weather alteration at the time riding a motorcycle. That is the reason why riding equipment must be selected cautiously prior to the motorcycle journeys in Nepal. Unforeseen rain storms or snow are consistently a probability which is required to be cautious. The weather at the time of autumn and spring is more constant.

Climate in Nepal

The climatic condition of Nepal varies from one location to another in regards to the topographical condition. In the northern regions of the nation, summers are cool and winters very cold, while in the south, summers are moist and winters are cool. A usual temperature descent around 6 o C in 1,000m maximization in elevation. To the south part, summer temperature surpasses 37 O C and, during winter ranges from 7 O C to 23 O C. In highlands and mountainous regions, winter temperatures can be below freezing. But Kathmandu has a pleasing temperature through average summer and winter of 19 O C – 34 O C and 1 O C – 14 O C correspondingly.

Duration for Motorcycle tours in Nepal
Duration for motorcycle tours in Nepal relying upon the location and route, here in Nepal some finest locations through different routes. For short and simple rides at least 3 days to 7 days long is appropriate. For moderate motorcycle journeys different 8 days to 11 days and adventure and long motorcycle trips in Nepal more than 11 days events are appropriate.


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