Upper Mustang 4WD Jeep Tour is one of the best and most popular trips to travel the Mustang Region and located between the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Mountain.Upper mustang is also known as the ‘Last Forbidden Kingdom’. Stunning architecture can be seen in the walled city of Lo Manthang (the capital of the Mustang area), as well as historic temples, traditional villages, and cave homes located high on the cliffs. It is covered in pure Tibetan Buddhist culture. Mustang has a sweet,long and complex history so it is becoming one of the interresting place of Nepal. The Upper Mustang 4WD jeep tour provides a challenging 14 days itinerary with breathtaking scenery through dramatic semi-arid desert, colorful rock formations, steep ravines, and snow-capped peaks in the remote Himalayan region of the Tibetan Kingdom. This is an alternative to the Upper mustang trekking with fully guided private trips and a fully luxurious 4WD(four wheel drive) vehicle into the Trans- Himalayan areas.

The highlight of the Upper Mustang 4WD Jeep Tour

1. Drive through the most beautiful city, Pokhara, which is rich in natural aesthetics.
2. Experience the Annapurna Himalayan Range from Jomsom.
3. The Upper Mustang Jeep Tour takes you through vibrant traditional towns, the most stunning and colorful gorges of the mountains with glorious Himalayan views.
4. The Jeep drives through the toughest, roughest, remotest, and most attractive kingdoms in the Himalayan areas.
5. During your journey, take stunning pictures of the historic buildings, distinctive landscapes, vibrant prayer flags, and locals.
6. Experience the excitement of driving through Upper Mustang and the Kali Gandaki Valley’s barren lunar landscape.
7. If it is Apple season, Jeep drives through an apple orchard.
8. Experience with the Tibetan peoples’ cultures and lifestyles.
9. Explore the ancient walled city of the Lo Manthang which is popular in traditional Buddhist culture so interact with their rituals and lifestyle.
10. Marvel at the incredible landscape of the upper Mustang region on barren deserts, rugged canyons, etc.

The Upper Mustang Jeep Tour’s journey starts in the sparkling city of Kathmandu, which is renowned as a city of temples and has a rich cultural legacy. Our 4 wheel drive Jeep continues via Pokhara, the hub of climbing and trekking in the Annapurna region, which is home to the renowned Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Machhapuchhre (Fishtail), and numerous other mountains that tower over 6000 meters. The Upper Mustang Jeep Tour showcases the off-road adventure journey of Mustang with prayer flags, decorated chortens (little stupa) and outdated buildings where visitors pass abysmally into the region while driving over frightened hillocks of calcium rock, ash-white hills, and enormous limestone.
Upper Mustang 4WD Jeep tours offer you the beauty of the eye-dazzling panoramic views of mountain range, breathtaking landscapes,snow capped clips and many cultural mysteries. The Upper Mustang region lies between the rain Shadow area and the chance of rain is less compared to the Lower Mustang region. Without feeling rushed, you will have enough time to visit the Mustang region. Due to the off-road nature of the journey, we need at least two individuals to drive the Jeep.

Best season for Upper Mustang 4WD Jeep Tour

Every country has four different seasons throughout the year, but Nepal has six different seasons known as Ritu.so, the Nepali calendar has two months for each season. Most of the tourists or travelers prefer spring and Autumn season is the suitable season for travel in Nepal Here some of the best time to tours on 4WD Jeep in Nepal are listed below:
1. Spring Season (March to May):
In Nepal, spring is a wonderful time of year because the higher altitude snow begins to melt and the landscape bursts into life with vibrant colors. This season has warm weather (not hot or cold) and mostly so many thousands of tourists are attracted yearly In Nepal and makes it comfortable for 4WD tours on upper Mustang. In this season, due to its low range of rainfall, roads are more clear with dry and smooth locations. Enjoy your time with a 4WD Jeep through Nepal, Tibet, and the well-known tourist destinations. So it is one of the best seasons for the Upper Mustang 4WD Jeep tour.
2. Summer Season
Summer in Nepal is also called a monsoon season, characterized by warm temperatures and heavy rainfall. According to the Nepali calendar this season is between the Jestha and Ashad. The monsoon brings much-needed water to the land, nourishing the fertile valleys and creating picturesque waterfalls. While the lush landscapes are undoubtedly beautiful, the continuous rain can make trekking challenging and may cause occasional landslides in some regions.
3. Autumn Season
According to the Nepali calendar it occurs between the Ashoj and Kartik and it is also known as the pre-winter.It is the best time of year to Travel to Nepal. The weather of Nepal in October is perfect for trekking around the country as the average daytime temperature is around 20-degree celsius. Due to the pleasant and breathtaking views,tourists get to witness both the cultural and natural aspects of Nepal. Autumn is the festive season as the main two festivals of Nepal (Dashain and Tihar) lie in this season so we can experience the Tibbetian pure buddisht culture and their lifestyle. There are fewer chances for rainfall and snowfall due to the normal temperature.This makes Autumn favorable for trekking and 4WD Jeep tours around most areas of Nepal.
4. Winter Season
Winter Season occurs from late November to February and is typically rain-free and clear. High altitude areas around 3,000 meters will be snowy and very cold indeed with nighttime temperatures will be up to -10°C. This Season is also known as the coldest season of the year in Nepal. There is a high chance of snowfall in these higher-altitude areas. Above around 4000 meters altitude, Trekking and 4WD tours are closed or at least not recommended in winter. So in the Upper Mustang Regions, it is a more challenging part due to freezing. At last, we can suggest that it is not suitable for 4WD Jeep tours and trekking also.

Upper Mustang 4WD Jeep Tour Permits and Facilities

After visiting the Marpha village and Apple farm, Kali Gandaki Gorge (The deepest gorge in the world ), and Kali Gandaki River we have to stop at Kagbeni Because from there we have to follow Official formalities and take a permit card for visiting Upper Mustang because the Upper Mustang is one of the restricted regions of the Mustang valley in Nepal so foreigners need a special entry permit to visit there. To visit there we have to follow all the rules and regulations. Foreign Tourists are getting permission from their immigration service. Only groups of tourists can get the entry permit. So single people are not eligible to get the permit card; there must be at least two people allowed to visit the valley. A passport is also necessary to get a permit card. If you are a solo traveler and having issues receiving a permit card then please contact us. We can help you by joining our traveler group and you can enjoy your trip.

  • The total included cost for the Trip:
  • Airport Transfer
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Tourist guide and Portar fee
  • The special permit fee for restricted area
  • cost for entry permits and TIMS cards for travelers
  • All regular meals (breakfast, lunch, and Dinner ) as specified in the itinerary while traveling
  • Salary, insurance, food and drinks, and medicine for all staff.
  • Top and best Guesthouse accommodation during the trip.

Upper Mustang 4WD Jeep Tour FAQs:

1. What amount of money is required to visit the Upper Mustang?
Foreign travelers must pay US$500 to enter Upper Mustang. An organization that specializes in trekking can help you with this. The Upper Mustang permit costs US$500 and is only valid for 10 days. The participant participating in the hiking adventure will be charged an additional fee of US$ 50 per day after the first 10 days.

2. What is the best season to visit the Upper Mustang by Jeep?
According to the weather conditions of Nepal, Most tourists or travelers prefer Spring(March, April, May) and Autumn (September, October, November) season is the best and most suitable season for travel in the Upper Mustang Region through 4WD Jeep. In this season we can explore and experience various landscapes, snow capes, pure Buddhist culture, clear sky, and low rainfall with smooth roads for the 4WD Jeep Tour.

3. Does it snow in the Upper Mustang?
Yes, In the winter season, The Upper Mustang region is fully covered with snow due to very low temperatures but to see the snow-capped clips and snowfall is a very enjoyable part. So the trekking and tours on Upper Mustang this season are very challenging for travelers. Therefore, We will not suggest visiting the Upper Mustang in the Winter season.

4. What is the Highest altitude of the Upper Mustang Region?
The Upper Mustang Region’s altitude is 3840 meters.


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