Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour or Upper Mustang which is known as the ‘Last Forbidden Kingdom’ is enriched with uninterrupted Tibetan Buddhist culture, history, myth, and stunning architecture of the capital city Lo Manthang which lies on the northwestern side of Nepal. This ethical remote place is surrounded by stunning terraced hills and mountains allowing you to experience the phenomenal beauty of nature. The isolation of the Mustang has allowed it to crave its own norms and values which had made it one of the most fascinating places in Nepal. Due to the astounding view of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, etc, and the untouched ethical history of Mustang, the trekkers are enthusiastic to explore the place.

The Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour is quite a popular off-road trip among teenagers. The bare and rugged land allows you to experience new heights of riding and push you through your boundaries and limitation. The upper Mustang trip challenges your courage as you have to face lots of ups and downs lied before you by nature itself. But all is worth it as it allows you to experience the panoramic vista of the mountains, terraced farmlands, the unscathed record of the traditions and cultures, monasteries, the hills caves, and the breathtaking scenery that will linger in your heart, and memories for eternity. You can ride either Royal Enfield Himalayan Motorcycle(411cc) or Royal Enfield Classic(500cc) or Dirt Bikes. Dirt bikes are very costly and are not easily obtainable in Nepal. Royal Enfield is suitable for bulky riders whereas, the Royal Enfield Classic is suitable for riders with low weight. Honda CRF(250cc) and Honda XR(190cc) are some other bikes you can ride to take a tour. In comparison to other tours, The Motorbike Trip is the most thrilling and exciting trip you can live through.

Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour Highlight

Upper Mustang is filled with absolutely unique vegetation and distinctive culture and tradition have a great combination of all including caves, monasteries, vibrant rocky hills, and landscapes with uncommon colors.


Jomsom which lies encompasses the river Kali Gandaki and is located at the height of 2800 meters that act as a main entrance to Upper Mustang. The region is mostly inhabited by the Thakali people following their own norms and values. The main headquarters of the Mustang district is situated in Jonsom and you can find the Buddhist monasteries and museum and learn the tradition. The mountains Dhaulagiri and Annapurna massif entirely encompass Jomsom in their monsoon silhouette. Almost every facility can be received here such as an ATM service, convenience store, and other shops and restaurants.

Kagbeni Village

One of the best stunning villages you can find in the world is Kagbeni which sits on the valley of the Kali Gandaki River. Kagbeni village is also known as a medieval village because of the houses that are made of rocks in between the mud, mysterious shadowy lanes and the massive shortens. Apple farming, the red monasteries, and stunning views of the Nilgiri Mountain and Kaligandaki Valley are some of the main attributes of this village.

Muktinath Temple

Muktinath Temple is a pagoda-style temple that holds a deep meaning in its own name “Mukti” symbolizes nirvana or salvation whereas “ nath” symbolizes the god of the master. The Hindu people hold a deep belief in this temple. Muktinath Temple is surrounded by 108 seven-foot tall stone water taps, where many devotees as well as travellers can take heavenly showers.

Lo Manthang

Lo-Manthang is also known as the city of the walls where the architecture is untouched and is the main highlight of the Upper Mustang Trek. the capital city of Mustang is surrounded by many historical Buddhist monasteries, chortens, caverns, and mahne walls. The tradition and culture are passed down from generation to generation untouched and unchanged.

Chosar Cave and Monasteries

Chosar cave which lies north of the Lo-Manthang enriched in its history and religion is a main tourist attraction. Garphu and Nymphu dwell in the Chosar cave. These religious sites can be explored and visited after a payment of Rs.1000 is made and acquired a ticket which is about 10$.

Best time to Upper Mustang Motorbike Tours

Upper Mustang is a desert-like barren and secluded land enriched with the beauty of nature, culture, and tradition which lies near Tibet mostly influenced by Tibetan culture, norms, and values. The snowy mountains, terrace farmlands, the panoramic view of the hills, caves, monasteries, and their own culture and tradition make it the most unique and exciting place to visit.

The best time of the year for the upper Mustang motorbike tour is in time of spring between the months of March and June and in autumn between the months of September and November. During the springtime, the temperature falls to 16 to 22 degree Celsius making the weather quite warmer. As you travel from the lower Mustang you will be able to glance at the rivers full of melted snow. Tiji festival is held in the mid of May and last for 3 days in the capital city of Mustang Lo-Manthang through which you can be able to learn the tradition and norms and values of the people residing in the area and can be a reason to visit.

In the midst of the autumn season, the sky is clear blue and the panoramic views of the mountains can be clearly savored. Across Nepal, only this time of the year has the clearest bluest sky. During this time the temperature falls to 12 to 20 degree Celsius. We can also say that the November is end of the trekking season as the people tend o migrate to Pokhara and Kathmandu for the winter season.

Rainy seasons between the months of July and August can be quite difficult and exhausting as you need to ride your bike through the muddy road. Moreover, you might get stuck by natural disasters like landslides.

Upper Mustang Motorbike Tours Permit

Upper Mustang has been isolated for many years until 1992 and around fifteen years ago it was opened to international trekkers. The panoramic vista of snow-covered Himalayas, the vibrant rocky hills, the unique Tibetan culture and tradition, and the memorizing scenery, caves, and monasteries make it a place to take a trip.

For an Upper Mustang motorcycle Tour at the beginning, you must make a special permit to visit its restricted areas. A minimum of two riders is necessary to get access to the restricted area permit. If you are a single rider then you can only join in the predetermined departing dates. Another way to get a permit is ACAP ( Annapurna Conservation Area Permit) for you to take a tour. The hikers who aren’t Nepali or citizens of Nepal require to get a permit or a license for the trip.

The entry fee cost 20$ per person whereas the tourist who wishes to take a trip past Kagbeni must acquire RAP(Regulated Area Permit) that cost 500$ per person only for 10 days and the permit expires. If you wish or want to extend your stay an additional charge should be made of 50$ for a day and so on. All the information you need during your trip is provided by RAP and in case of an emergency, you can take help from RAP. The cost for the ACAP permit is 20$ per person. Whether you are a tourist or an Indian all the payment terms and policies are the same to all trekkers and riders.

How much does the Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour  trip cost

The Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour may differ depending upon the companies and the services they provide such as food, hotel accommodation, Upper Mustang restricted area permits, ACAP, medical kit, mechanic, bike spare parts, guide, etc. In comparison to other trekking means the Motorbike trip is quite expensive as the price of the Upper Mustang permit is costly. The cost of this tour can range from 2700$ to 40000$ or way more as per the company payment policy.

If you travel in a group the cost can be divided which might reduce the cost you carry alone on food and the lodge you stay at. Some companies offer you bikes and fuel for an entire trip, spare parts included leading you to pay higher at the beginning of the journey. Whereas if the physical damage is done to the motorbike you alone have to carry the repairement cost.

Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour Cost Includes / Cost excludes

Cost Includes

  • Pick up and drop off from the airport by private vehicles.
  • Hotel and lodge accommodation in Kathmandu.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner as per the company policy.
  • Guest houses/ lodges/ Hotel accommodations at the destination.
  • A professional English-speaking guide.
  • Rent bikes for the trip.
  • A bike mechanic and the spare motorbike parts.
  • Bike fuel throughout the trip
  • All government fees and taxes needed
  • Entrance charges in some restricted areas
  • All required permits and visas are required to travel to the destination.


Cost excludes

  • Airport taxes of arrival and departure.
  • International Air Ticket
  • The physical damage to the bike.
  • Tips and Appreciation.
  • Riding a horse or steed and hiring a helper
  • Private items like internet, phone bills, gifts, insurance, and medical costs.
  • Bar tabs and alcohol.
  • Additional costs due to natural calamities or unavoidable circumstances.


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