Is Nepal Safe to Travel ?

Nepal is renowned around the world for its enriched culture and tradition, its stunning natural beauty, and for its trekking( Nepal Trek). Surrounding by beautiful vibrant hills and enticing landscapes, turquoise lakes, and rivers, nestled in the heart of the Himalayas draws tourists from all around the world. Nepal is home to the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest and the other eight highest peaks.

Nepal has a diverse array of flora and fauna and is endowed with many national parks and wildlife such as Chitwan National Park, etc. in addition to this Nepal is renowned for its sacred sites, temples, monasteries, pagodas, palaces, etc that have stored the history of Nepal’s culture tradition for a generation.

The warm and friendly behavior of Nepalese people makes you feel as if you are part of the community sharing the same culture and tradition. Apart from nature sightseeing you can enjoy extreme sports such as climbing, paragliding, bungee, rafting, etc. Overall, it is a destination or a paradise for nature lovers.
These attributes attract the attention of foreigners to explore and understand the serenity of nature and the regional culture that has been upheld for generations.

Risks and dangers that can be faced in Nepal

Natural Calamities:
Nepal is a country filled with warm and friendly people making it a reasonably safe place to travel. But nature itself challenges and threatens your safety thus, great extreme caution should be taken while traveling.

Nepal is surrounded by mountains, and hills traveling by bus or plane to the highlands or clifftop placement can be quite risky and more perilous. Some might love Motorbike Tours which is also quite safe using the proper safety gear and following the traffic rules and regulations.

One of the major issues in Nepal is pickpocketing. Make sure your belongings are well taken care of.

You can get scammed by taxi drivers, hotel or lodge accommodators, and bus drivers so be sure to check every bit of information clearly and confirm it.

How safe is Nepal?
Overall, Nepal is safe to travel to as the crime rates are very low and the residents are renowned for their warm and friendly behavior toward the visitors. Despite the low crime rate, it’s better to take some caution and be alert all the time. Always be aware of the pickpocketers and the bag snatchers while traveling through crowded streets.


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