Best time to Motorbike Tours in Nepal

Nepal is a renowned country for its diverse natural beauty, breathing landscapes, and rich cultural heritage situated in South Asia. Yearly, Nepal attracts thousands of travelers from around the world due to its diverse geographical location with different shapes of landscapes, spiritual mountains, religious and rich culture. Most of the popular places of Nepal include Fewa Lake of Pokhara, Mount Everest, Lumbini, Muktinath temple, Langtang Himal Gosaikunda and many others. So, Nepal could be a tremendously attractive location for mountaineers, rock, climbers, and adventure seekers. Nepal’s local lifestyle, cultural tradition, historical heritage, and therefore the ever-welcoming nature of Nepalese show an amazing prospect for tourism in Nepal. Here in Nepal, many resources are seen for natural beauty. Our nation is fortunate to possess other natural beauties. We will take fresh air. We are able to see and glance at the natural beauty of a sound body and a sound mind. So, Nepal may be the most beautiful and peaceful natural country.

If you are looking for a “Best time to motorbike tours in Nepal ” great, motorbike tours in Nepal suggest you a best time to tour the different popular place of Nepal such as Muktinath, Pokhara, the Himalayan area, Jomsohn, Upper mustang and lower mustang according to the weather condition of Nepal. Although most people believe that Nepal is more well-known for trekking, it is actually very appropriate for motorcycle tours also. A country with many different types of views and climates, as well as narrow, muddy, and winding mountain routes that are suitable and pleasurable for motorbike riding. In this article we will give you the best motorbiking routes with their weather condition also in Nepal. Keep reading!

Every country has four different seasons throughout the year, but Nepal has six different seasons known as, the Nepali calendar has two months for each season. Most of the tourists or travelers prefer spring and Autumn season is the suitable season for travel in Nepal but we can travel throughout the whole year. As we know, it’s very difficult to predict the weather of mountainous regions, spring and autumn are the best seasons for a motorbike tour to Jomsom Muktinath. Pre-winter months are still fun to ride in this area. Spring and autumn seasons fall in March, April, May, September, October, and November. . Here some of the best time to tour on motorbike in Nepal are listed below:

Spring Season (March to May):

In Nepal, spring is a wonderful time of year because the higher-altitude snow begins to melt and the landscape bursts into life with vibrant colors. Flowers in bloom and lush greenery blanket the hills and valleys. Trekking and other outdoor sports like motorbikes are ideal at this time of year because of the lovely weather and mild temperatures. The nation observes holidays like Holi and the Nepali New Year (Nepal Sambat) in the spring.This season has warm weather (not hot or cold) and mostly so many thousands of tourists are attracted yearly In Nepal and makes it comfortable for motorbike rides. It is between Chaitra and Baisakh month. So, the Spring season can be considered as one of the best seasons for the tours. This season is the best time for motorbiking tours also due to the stable and favorable weather.  In this season, due to its low range of rainfall, roads are more clear with dry and smooth locations. Enjoy your time riding a motorcycle through Nepal, Tibet, and the well-known tourist destinations, such as Everest Base Camp. Motorbiking tours in Nepal provide an amazing experience and incredible fun riding with a great group of riders. I would recommend this tour to any of you, if they want to enjoy riding with good adventures in Nepal safely. 

Summer (June to August): 

Summer in Nepal is also called a monsoon season, characterized by warm temperatures and heavy rainfall. According to the Nepali calendar this season is between the Jestha and Ashad. The monsoon brings much-needed water to the land, nourishing the fertile valleys and creating picturesque waterfalls. While the lush landscapes are undoubtedly beautiful, the continuous rain can make trekking challenging and may cause occasional landslides in some regions. It is not suitable for the lowland Terai region due to the hot weather. However, this season also offers a unique opportunity to witness the country’s rural life and agricultural activities. Mostly people can tour through motorbiking for swimming. In this season, probably the lowest number of tourists comes to Nepal compared to other seasons.

Autumn (September to November):
According to the Nepali calendar it occurs between the Ashoj and Kartik and it is also known as the pre-winter.It is the best time of year to Travel to Nepal. The weather of Nepal in October is perfect for trekking around the country as the average daytime temperature is around 20-degree celsius. The views are pleasant and tourists get to witness both the cultural and natural aspects of Nepal. Autumn is the festive season as the main two festivals of Nepal (Dashain and Tihar) lie in this season. The temperature around this season is normal and there are fewer chances for rainfall and snowfall. This makes Autumn favorable for trekking and tours around most areas of Nepal. The days are warm but not hot and temperatures normally range from 20 °C to -5 °C. The temperature is warm around the day and colder at night in most trekking areas of the Himalayas. Motorbiking tours can be planned to any of the regions of the country but most suitable is the lower Mustang area. Motorbiking tours are ideal to see heritage landmarks like Lumbini and scenic beauty like Chitawan, Gorkha, Bandipur, and Pokhara on the finest motorbike route on a good roadway during pre-winter. In this season, due to its low range of  rainfall, roads are more clear with dry and smooth locations. Therefore, Autumn is the best season for a motorbike tour to Jomsom Muktinath. Most of the Nepalese also love to enjoy trekking and it feels like heaven this season.  so it is considered as the best motorbiking tour season in Nepal and Attracts thousands of tourists .

Winter Season (December to February):
Winter occurs from late November to February and is typically rain-free and clear. High altitude areas above 3,000 meters will be snowy and very cold indeed with night time temperatures of -10°C not uncommon. It is one of the coldest months of  the year. Winters are miserably cold in the higher altitude and there are chances of snowfall in these areas. Trekking to altitudes around and above 4000 meters is closed or at least not recommended in winters. Trekking in Nepal around the winter season demands a high level of preparation but if you are highly experienced and love to travel in snow this is the season for you.The Winter season offers a clear sky, bright sunny days, cool weather and amazing mountain views and for this, short and easy treks to the Hills are recommended in this season. Are you looking for a winter vacation destination ? Here is what Motorbike Tour  Nepal will offer you, if you are visiting Nepal during winter through motorbiking. Winter season often brings an unwelcome end to the riding season.At this time, motorbiking trips in mountain areas are not suggested due to freezing or cold weather. This is the greatest time to go if you want to see the sights even if it is snowing. It is also a good time for low-altitude trekking and hiking in regions like the Annapurna foothills and the Kathmandu Valley. Therefore, the best places to visit the winter season in Nepal by motorbike are:

  • Kalinchowk Dolakha
  • Pokhara
  • Nagarkot
  • Bandipur
  • Kakani
  • Chitawan


Various packages are available from motorbiking tours in Nepal to let you bike more toward mountains or Nepal tour’s renowned cities such as Pokhara Lumbini, Kalinchowk and Nagarkot etc. So, we assist you in determining the optimal time to go motorbike trekking based on your location with affordable or less budget. just choose the right and best time for a motorbike tour during your Nepal Tour and Get an amazing experience with incredible fun riding.


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