Central and Eastern Nepal Motorbike Tour

Central and Eastern Nepal Motorbike Tour is one of the most thrilling and memorable trips in Nepal. This tour covers significant touristic sights to the Eastern and Central region of Nepal, ranging from the lower regions of Terai to snow-capped mountain peaks. Central and Eastern Nepal Motorbike Tour begins from Kathmandu and moves against Hetauda, a small town known for Kulekhani hydropower, Martyrs Memorial and Makwanpur Gadhi Durbar. After that head down to the Terai plains to explore the age- old city of Janakapur.

This religious pilgrimage city for Hindus is the birthplace of Buddha and King Janak and hosts 19th century Janakai Temple and Sri Ram Temple. The motorbike riders will then quickly visit significant sites of the age- old Kirant Kingdom: Dharan, llam, Dhankuta and Diktel. Visit Budha Subba temple in Dharan that comprises the tomb of last Limbu king Buddhi Karnaraya Khebang; tea gardens in llam; Chintang Devi temple in Dhankuta and Halesi-Maratika cave in Diktel.

The last part of the Central and Eastern Nepal Motorbike Tour is to Dhulikhel that lies in the Araniko Highway and is one of the oldest commercial trains between Nepal and Tibet. The motorbike riders can experience 180 degree attractive views of Annapuran, Langtang, Gaurishankar, Ganesh Himal and Lhotse.

Central and Eastern Nepal Motorbike Tour 

The motorbike riders will arrive at Kathmandu airport and they will be moved to a guest house or hotel. On the arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, they will be met and greeted by the agency’s airport delegate. The riders will be welcomed culturally by flower garlands. The delegates will after that the motorbike rides to their hotel where they will be offered welcome drinks. Then, they will be taken to the office for tour instructions. Stay overnight at the guest house.

Next day the motorbike riders following the morning meal will be taken for the UNESCO Heritage Sites Visit where the trip guide will meet them at a hotel and take them to the city for sightseeing. They will explore famous world heritage memorials in Kathmandu that involve Kathmandu Durbar Square, Boudhanath, Swayambhunath, and Pashupatinath. They will also visit Kopan Monastery if they get sufficient time. By late afternoon they will arrive back in their hotel. Stay overnight at the hotel in Kathmandu. The next day the motorbike riders will ride to Hetauda. Stays overnight at the hotel, wake up early for a morning meal and get on their motorcycle against Hetauda. It will take 4 hours to reach Hetauda, a humming trading center. Travel to Markhu Village, Khulekhani, Makwanpur Gadhi Darbar and Sahid Smarak in Hetauda.

The other day, which is the 4th day of the tour, the riders will ride to Janakpur. Stay overnight at the hotel after a morning meal to prepare for a long ride to Janakpur in the Terai. Experience attractive views of villages and highlands together with the way. Janakpur is a Hindu pilgrimage centre since it is the birthplace of Goddess Sita and the Kingdom of Jank. They can visit Jankai Temple and Sri Ram Temple. On the day 5th the motorbike rider will tour to Dharan. Stay overnight at the hotel and early morning ride to Dharan thich takes around 4 hours. Dharan is a chief significant town center filled with trading practices. Sites of interest involve Budha Subba temple that has the tomb of the last Limbu King, Buddhi Karnaraya Khebang, and also Dharan Clock Tower.

The next day the Central and Eastern Nepal Motorbike Tour will take the motorbike riders from Dharan to lllam to Kakarvitta. Stay overnight at hotel and ride from Dharan to llam quite simple. The motorbike riders will hold at Kakkravita, the easternmost border point within Nepal and India. Illam was once part of Khumbuwan or a Limbu Kingdom. Illam is now popular for its natural llam tea and tea gardens. Then the next day the bike riders will rest to visit llam. This is a rest day in llam. They will be exploring close by tea gardens and cardamom orchards.

On the day 8th the bike riders will visit Dhankuta (Hile). They will enjoy riding in a crisp morning to Dhankuta. Hile in Dhankuta is conceivably the most popular city in eastern Nepal. Pay their respect at Chintang devi temple and visit the local bazaar. On the 9th they will ride to Diktel. Diktek is the headquarters of Khotang district and was part of Kirat Kingdom.

Halesi – Maratika cave situated in Diktek is the most religious pilgrimage place of Hindu and Budhhists. Barah Pokhari or 12 ponds is another touristic site worth exploring. On the day 10th bike riders will ride to Dhulikhel along Aranaiko Highway, which links Tibet and Nepal. Dhulikhel is a famous hill station from where they can capture 180 degree attractive landscapes of Annapurna, Langtang, Gaurishankar, Ganesh Himal and Lhotse. Apart from that they also visit Kali Temple and Gokarneshwor Mahadev Temple.

On the 11th day the bike rider will travel back to Kathmandu by afternoon and on the 12th day they will be moved to the airport for their last departure or join other events in Nepal.


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