Is December good for motorcycle tours in Nepal?

The month of December in Nepal is freezing in the high altitudes through night time temperatures well below zero. Down on the plains though, temperatures are chilly at the lower altitudes and it never snows in Kathmandu. The cooler weather is an absolute for traveling to national parks and visiting the age-old capitals of the Kathmandu valley like Bhaktapur and Patan. Going for a vacation in Nepal during the month of December can work out unexpectedly well.

 It’s Nepalese winter, so it’s colder in comparison to earlier in the year, but the travelers are to bring correct clothing and they will be precisely fine. The travelers will be rewarded too through loose hiking routes and wildlife watching spots. Hikers will find that above Namche Bazaar it’s appropriately cold through temperatures during night well below zero. But through enough thermal layers and a suitable bed roll. Trekking is precisely accessible. 

Up in the highlands the days tend to be dry and gleaming too, but they are slightly shorter during this time of year. Famous routes which can get crowded in peak season like Poon Hill and hike across Namche Bazar are marvelously uncrowded. December is significantly a dry month too, so it’s absolute for sightseeing and wildlife watching. Average temperature in Chitwan National Park is in the high teens. 

Motor biking to the highlands can be particularly cold, whereas a short tour is still applicable. In this month the greatest road for motorcycle tour in Nepal is to Jomsom Muktinath. This is actually a Mustang region, also specified as lower Mustang. Motor biking to the plain region of Nepal can be done this month.


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