Is February good for motorcycle tours in Nepal?

Nepal during the month of February is regarded as the winter season, but the location during this month is warmer compared to December-January, through clear blue skies and warm temperature during the day time, making it favorable for trekking and hiking, hitting the crowds. The other travelers such as trekkers and hikers can view beautiful landscapes across the mountainous region. Hence, the nights might be colder, through the temperature ranging from 4-22 degree Celsius, and even fall down to -5 degree Celsius at the high altitudes. 

February is the low season in Nepal through fewer tourists, but spring is on the way and the temperatures are gradually moving up, significantly over the south and middle of the nation. Days are significantly clear and gleaming and it’s not too hot, though temperatures in Pokhara and Kathmandu are pleasant 20 degree Celsius. 

The month of February falls in the winter season which is called Shishir Ritu. It takes place in the middle of January and the middle of March, which is known in Nepal as Magh-Falgun. The temperature falls close to freezing point, the highland terrain has harsh weather and particular snowfall at this time of year. The days are cold and sunny all over the winter. This month is a great time to go if the visitors are willing to view the landscapes even when it snows. During this time, a motorbike expedition tour is not recommended because of the slippery roads of snowfall and the bike rider may face a lot of difficulties while on the tour. However the motorbike tour is possible in the lower regions but not in the monsoon seasons. 


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