Best Motorbike Routes in Nepal

Nepal is much more appropriate for Motorbike Tour even though most of the individuals they know Nepal is more popular for Trekking and Tours. Nation of broad diversities in landscapes, distinct climates on the other hand road in the high altitude areas in small, muddy and windy areas that is appropriate and enjoyable for motorcycle riding. Anybody can modify tours in Nepal according to their timeframe. City to city riding is to discover cultural heritage sites, original landscapes, and individuals.

The mountainous region motor biking reaches elevation land bordering till Tibet that provides you can witness high mountain areas though enormous peak vistas. Ride to Upper Mustang is one of those where you will reach till 5000-meter elevation. Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal is the company that can offer you through customizing touring plans and Best Motorbike Routes in Nepal. We also offer you a joining choice in the situation if you are single or small group size that makes affordable cost and riding fun through distinct individuals. You can rent different kinds of motorcycles, Royal Enfield or Honda from us.

The adventure of Motorcycles is distinct from classical kinds of drive or jeep tours in every place in this world. Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal offers you genuine, adventurous riding with a loved motorcycle. Some of the Best Motorbike Routes in Nepal are mentioned below:

Manang Motorbike Tour

A motorbike road tour to Manang is a lifetime dream for riders. Trekkers take numerous days to experience this spectacular beauty. At present, Manang allows you to witness the nomadic land of Annapurna Circuit with a motorcycle. On this tour, you can also witness a motorbike ride to the planet’s highest lake “Tilicho Lake ” if you are interested in trekking. This trip is a fun and adventurous ride to the mountainous region for supreme adventure finders. Once a trekking place is now familiar as a road tour to Manang valley. One will get to experience an entire new level of enthusiasm through Tibetan and Managi culture.

The smile of the people and the mountainous through each track ride is a prospect not to miss makes the ride more exceptional. On this trip, you will ride from turmeric road to the dust and stone road. In addition, you will experience the beauty of Annapurna, Nilgiri, and Tilicho Range. On this tour, you will ride on the smooth highway road from Kathmandu to Besisahar. We ride together with the Marsyangdi River that directs to less turmeric and more of an Adventure road Ride.

Manang Motorbike Tour takes you to Jagat, Chame and visits the village of Tibetan nomadic people. With the blessing of monasteries and chortens along the way, we will arrive at Manang. From here we can visit Tilicho Lake at 4920 meters above sea level.

Manang Motorbike Tour starts from Kathmandu and takes you through the valleys and deep gorges providing majestic vistas of snowy peaks. Lekbesi Motorcycle Tours Nepal provides Manang Motorbike Tour. You visit our official website and grab all the information regarding this tour.

Highlights of Manang Motorbike Tour

  • Witness the Annapurna trekking trail on a motorcycle
  • Best riding experience for supreme adventure ride finders
  • Experience the beauty of Annapurna, Nilgiri, Tilicho range.
  • Get the blessing from Tibetan Monasteries and experience the chortens along the way
  • Ride to the Manang and Kangsar village
  • Explore the rain Shadow region of Manang, Annapurna Range

Best Time for Manang Motorbike Tour

This demanding road to Manang needs professional bike riding abilities. Manang lies in the subsequent rain shadow region of Nepal though we try to escape the rainy season. The most favorable time to travel for the Manang Motorbike Tour is during spring and autumn seasons. At this time we can experience Manang in its best climate and scenery.

Everest View Motorbike Tour

Everest view Motorbike Tour is one of the best and short riding tours to view Everest from numerous outlooks into the mountain regions with a motorbike. This 6-7 days motorcycle tour is one of the latest options to explore off the beaten travel route in which you can really discover native peoples and their different cultures and definitely great vistas of mountain ranges. Stay overnight in locally established touristic standard tea houses making use of local foods.

Our escort group involving expert riding guides handles your lodging and foods for the whole riding days. The most favorable motorcycle for this tour is Royal Enfield 550cc or Himalayan Royal Enfield 422 cc which we offer you on rental with mechanic and instrument. Our tour then begins on the Everest view route against eastern Nepal. The significant riding route is Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Charikot, Mulkot, Pattale, Khurkot and return back to Kathmandu.

At time of the Everest view Motorbike Tour you will be witnessing lot of snow-capped mountains like Lhotse (8,516 m), Makalu (8,481 m), Cho Oyu (8,188 m), Ama Dablam (6,812 m), Thamserku (6,608 m), Gaurishankar (7,134 m), Pumori (7,161 m), and Kanchenjunga (8,586m).Everest view Motorbike Tour is a great option to discover the Himalayan mountain range on a motorbike. The tour provides a different and exciting experience which adjoins adventure through the original beauty of the area. The tour is appropriate for both experience and beginner riders and can be customized to match your choices.

Lekbesi Motorcycle Tours Nepal has been arranging the Everest view Motorbike Tour on a motorbike for years. You will be accompanied by an expert motorbike rider who will also lead you and assure that you are safe. You will be riding offroad, so it’s a very exciting tour. At the time of this tour that is for 6-7 days, you will stay overnight in the attractive native villages. The warm hostility of the locals and their friendly nature will make your stay in the tea houses.

Useful information

Honda CRF is also useful in some parts since this section has a rugged road. If you are used to Royal Enfield classic or Bullet, this will also be provided.

Best season for Everest view Motorbike Tour

The best way to go for Everest view Motorbike Tour in Nepal is from September to November and from March to May, since the weather during these months is pleasing, and the skies are clear, providing amazing vistas of the peaks.

Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour

Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour begins from Kathmandu to the attractive city of Pokhara, and goes with the winding roads following the Annapurna circuit route. Once you arrive at Beni (82 km from Pokhara), the off-road begins. We will follow the Kaligandaki River together with the ancient salt trading route between Nepal and Tibet onto Muktinath Temple. Riding together with Kaligandaki Gorge, the world’s deepest is one of a kind of experience in itself. The pristine way of living of the native Buddhist community, historic monasteries and old caves make you feel you are in Tibet. We follow the similar trail which we take in arriving at Lo Manthang. Taking a day off in Pokhara to meander around the Lakes and caves, or trying an expedition like Paragliding/Zip flyer/Bunge is a good choice. Pubs in Lakeside Pokhara are great locations to visit. 


The Tibetan culture, Tibetan food, ancient monasteries, their living style, attractive peaks, dry landscapes, Kaligandaki (black river), high elevation wall caves,green patches new cultivated land and popular Dhumba lake are the significant high locations of Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour that provides you the feelings of complete gratification for your lifetime experience. So, when you are adventurous and have a dilemma about visiting a new location, surely it is the most favorable location for a motorcycle trip in Nepal (Upper Mustang the forbidden kingdom). This tour is provided by Lekbesi Motorcycle Tours Nepal .


Permits required for Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour

Trekking in the Upper Mustang region needs a special permit. The permit is $500 for 10 days and after the 10 day permit runs out the administrative body add $50 each day. Note that, it’s 10 days, not nights, beginning in Kagbeni and accomplishing in Kagbeni. The precise location of the Upper Mustang is a restricted zone; foreigners were not permitted to enter till after 1992. There is still a restriction without a permit. 


Certain regions of Mustang are subject to ACAP, so a permit from the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) is also needed. A restricted area permit can only be acquired if two to more individuals are touring together. Individuals cannot acquire permits. In the situation you are a single tourer, let us know, we can organize Upper Mustang entry permit through joining you with other tourists for your corresponding dates. We require your original passport copy to acquire the restricted area permits.


Rara Lake Motorbike Tour

Rara Lake Motorbike Tour is the best motorbike tour to the wilderness of the Karnali Trekking location in Nepal. Rara Lake and Far Western Region are few of the expanding locations for adventure through secret nature. At the time, a motorcycle tour in itself was an adventure, the attractiveness in the wilderness of the Karnali region and Rara Lake makes it even more adventurous. Rara Lake Motorbike Tour heads to the isolated yet magnificent Karnali region to the western Nepal.

Riding with the winding road and discovering the area’s jagged peaks and isolated landscapes makes the tour thrilling. Hence, the ultimate location, Rara Lake, feels like paradise on earth with peaceful beauty and absolute place. The entire motorcycle riding tour to the location with the river valley, southern plain and finally stubborn peak off-roads gets recompensed through the tranquil and spectacular beauty of the largest lake in Nepal. Even though the entire tour is far more than thrilling, being in the higher altitudes through a massive lake in front is something which you cannot describe in words.

Why is the Rara Lake Motorbike Tour the best motorcycle Tour in Nepal?

Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal has customized the Rara Lake Motorbike Tour itinerary to provide an integrated and perspective experience of riding with different destinations in Nepal. Even Though the Karnali region has subsidiary infrastructural provision because of authoritarian topographical formation, touring there is an eye-opening experience. The tour takes you to stunning scenery and a few harsh actualities of human life and the world. Karnali Trekking region is the best location to discover human stubbornness for survival.

It is a different and encouraging experience to discover the distracting actuality of individuals living there, yet their way of living captures the concentration of anybody crossing by. Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal has customized the Rara Lake Motorbike Tour in such a way which provides an integrated and perspective experience of riding with various parts in Nepal.

Join and ride through distinctive topography, culture, and way of living eventually to the heavenly Rara Lake and witness possibly the best traveling experience of your life.

Note: Rara Lake Motorbike Tour demands a perfect level of motor biking skills and, most significantly of all, passion and endurance for riding with distinctive topography, weather, and road conditions. Most of the ride takes place on winding mountainous road, and off-road riding abilities and a preceding off-road tour can be exceedingly helpful. If you are searching for a unique motorcycle adventure tour in the mountainous region of Nepal with the excitement in the lap of Nature, Lekbesi Motorcycle Tours Nepal provides this tour.

Mansarovar Kailash Motorbike tour

Mt. Kailash (6740m) is the religious place for the four great religions: Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, the Jain religion and the pre-Buddhist animistic religion – Bonpo. Kailash is wholly located within Tibet to the north of the mountain barrier. Four significant rivers: the Indus, the Bramhmaputra, the Karnali and the Sutlej originate close to Kailash. Lake Manasarovar, also called as Mpham Yumco – the Unconquerable Lake is the highest freshwater lake on the planet and is religious to Hindus and Buddhists.

Each year thousands of visitors come to know about Kailash from all over the globe. Maximizing numbers of visitors in addition to pilgrimage are discovering this location after the state government of China unclosed the area for foreign tourists in 1978 AD.

Lekbesi Motorcycle Tours Nepal has customized Mansarovar Kailash Motorbike tour package to begin motorbike Safari to Kailash Mansarovar from the street of Lhasa. Initial section of Mansarovar Kailash Motorbike tour goes with the metalled highway which follows unpaved road in the upcoming phase up to Lake Manasarovar.

Health Precaution for Mansarovar Kailash Motorbike tour

Oxygen level is less at higher elevation. The cold weather and high elevation causes certain sickness normally not faced over the plains. Headache, nausea, lassitude, lethargy, breathlessness, common uneasiness (Malaise), high irritability, slight loss of balance, disorientation, incoherence and insomnia are a few. It is usual for all regardless of age, sex and physical fitness. Slow acclimatization is the most favorable solution. Neuroleptics, sleeping doses and strong antibiotics must be avoided. Few of the symptoms specify in which the body mechanism is re-accommodating to new surroundings. The most favorable idea is purposely slow down all the activities and follows the mentioned regulations:

Relax-do not exert, be excited.
Reduce talking.
Walk gradually– adopt one third of your speed and space.
Maintain your load light.
Walk for 15 minutes and rest for 5 minutes.
Whenever you feel uncomfortable, just stop; rest and relax.
Avoid the sudden outbursts of fellow visitors and keep away from arguments.
Observe silence with happiness.
Never go too high and too fast.
Consume plenty of liquids; never make a move through an empty stomach.
Chant a prayer or visualize all things around to match your pleasant thoughts or put on the earphones and listen to your favorite music, bhajans, chanting etc.
Be cautious not to catch a cold. It is better to be over-clothed than under-protected. En-route avoids taking bath or drinking water from Lake Streams or rivers, since your system is not habituated for this.

Tibet Motorcycle Tour / Everest Base camp Motorcycle Tour

Highlight of Tibet Motorcycle Tour / Everest Base camp Motorcycle Tour

Tibet Motorcycle Tour / Everest Base camp Motorcycle Tour is 7-8 days riding via the Kerung border and back to Kathmandu Nepal in a similar way. Tibet Motorcycle Tour / Everest Base camp Motorcycle Tour is with an expert guide, a mechanic from Nepal, a riding guide from Nepal and a backup vehicle. Lekbesi Motorcycle Tours Nepal manages all documentation for entry permit and visa and also provides motorcycles for rent.

Tibet Motorcycle Tour / Everest Base camp Motorcycle Tour is from Kathmandu Nepal going through the Kerung border to Tibet. 7-8 days riding Everest Base Camp Motorbike Tour plans involve a single day riding within Kathmandu and around the Kathmandu valley. The arrangement time starts in Kathmandu Nepal. Discussing the tour plan together with the team and mechanic prior to starting. The recommended motorbike for Tibet Motorcycle Tour / Everest Base camp Motorcycle Tour is Royal Enfield classic or Himalayan Royal Enfield. This is with an affordable rate on rental, and convenient for a single rider. Even though, there are a lot of options to rent a motorbike in Kathmandu Nepal.

More information about Tibet Motorcycle Tour / Everest Base camp Motorcycle Tour

The first day of the Tibet Motorcycle Tour / Everest Base camp Motorcycle Tour arrives close by at Nepal Tibet border through Nuwakot, Rasuwa, and Rasuwagadi. Second day to cross immigration and arrive at the first Tibetan town Kerung. Kerung is around 2,900 meters elevation. We stay one whole day and a night here to acclimatize in elevation. Next ride to Tingri through the vast Tibetan plateau, beautiful mountain ranges vistas, and crossing high passes around 5,000 meters. The third day of the tour arrives nearby at Mt. Everest, Tingri. Everest Base Camp Motorcycle Tour through Rongbuk monastery next day and back to Tingri again overnight. Tibet motorbike tour than riding back the similar way to Kathmandu valley through the Kerung border.

This tour itinerary can be customized according to your preference if you are planning for a private tour. The best time of this tour is from April to June months and months of September, October. During March each year, Tibet does not permit any foreigner to enter their land, rule up to another official from Tibet.


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