How much is it to rent a motorcycle in Nepal?

Nepal is a developing nation through a distinctive original and cultural heritage. One must be confused about the question arising How much is it to rent a motorcycle in Nepal? Well, the motorcycle tour in Nepal puts the rider to the mountainous region and the finest locations to visit, that can only be visited by motorcycle or strenuous trekking, thanks to maximizing road connections.

Motorbikes are one of many procedures to view Nepal’s original beauty. Riding a motorbike all over Nepal to view the sights is an once-in-a-lifetime expedition. The motorcycle tour in Nepal takes the riders to beautiful places in Nepal where they might visit the places on their own. Lekbesi Company provides motorbike rental at low prices. But before hiring a motorbikes there are many to understand.

Prospects to know prior to arranging a Nepal Motorcycle Tour:

February and June, and September to November, is the excellent time to visit Nepal’s Himalayan regions and vertical slopes on the mountainous motorbike tour. The rest of the month’s experience particular rainfall, making the topography risky and hard for motorbikers. They have the choice of joining a team with a professional guide leading the way, visiting the places on their own without a guide, or making their own team.

If a long road tour is on their bucket list, they can also ride their own motorbike or fly to Nepal and hire a motorbike to visit the mountainous roads. The trip will take the motorbike riders to amazing places in Nepal, from exploring the old Kathmandu valley to the beautiful surroundings of Pokhara. It’s not just the place which is beautiful; visiting there and back is incredible.

10 Most finest locations to take a Nepal Motorcycle Tour:

Pokhara: The mountain ranges, Lakes, and uplands meet through the rider’s motorcycle in Nepal’s visitor hub.

Pokhara Baglung with Dhorapatan: For a Different Riding Experience, that brings the riders to Nepal’s Only Hunting Reserve.

Kusma – Baglung: The hub of high – suspension bridges, the planet’s second-highest bungee, the planet’s first cable bridge, the Sky Walk, and the Kali Gandaki Cliff Swing.

Muktinath: The shrine, which is situated at the height of 3,800 meters and has road access, is on the other hand a famous Hindu pilgrimage place.

Mustang and Lo Manthang with Korala Border: In Nepal, this is the finest region to go for a motorbike tour. The unique hill deserts beneath the Himalayan rain shadow. There on the other hand are historic Buddhist holy monuments, old charming palaces, caverns, and cultural ways of living to be found in Tibet.

Manang with Tilicho Lake: Motorbike for all-terrain use riding and a deep river valley through the highest lake in the world.

Salleri and Patel: Within a short hike, the motorbike riders can view Mt. Everest, the planet’s tallest mountain.

Ilam and Eastern Nepal: Antu Danda, an original tea garden paradise, and a lot of other beautiful places.

Rara Lake Phy Phoksundo: The most attractive and deepest lake in Nepal’s far west, proportionately.

Chandani Dohara Bridge|: The Mahakali River’s Longest Bridges in West Nepal.

Instructive Suggestions for Motorbike Tour in Nepal:

Select a convenient motorcycle
Take appropriate riding equipment
Don’t over pack / Take light backpack
Stay Hydrated
Acquire all information regarding the route
Take short breaks while on the way
Commence the ride on light stomach
Be prepared for any bad weather at the time of tour
Share the ride experience with other
Follow Traffic Rules and Regulations

Motorbikes rental provided by lekbesi with its costs:


Bike Model Engine Capacity Rate per day Rate per month
Pulsar NS 200 RS.  Negotiable-
Pulsar 150cc RS.  Negotiable



KTM Duke

Bike Model Engine Capacity Rate per day Rate per month
Ktm Duke  Nrs.  Negotiable
Ktm Duke  Nrs Negotiable




Bike Model Engine Capacity Rate per day Rate per month
HERO Xpulse  Nrs.  Negotiable
HERO Xpulse  Nrs.  Negotiable
XR  Nrs.  Negotiable




Bike Model Engine Capacity Rate per day Rate per month
FZs  RS. – Negotiable
FZs  RS.  Negotiable



Royal Enfield

Bike Model Engine Capacity Rate per day Rate per month
Classic Nrs.  Negotiable
Himalayan Nrs.  Negotiable

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