How to hire a motorbike (Motorcycle) in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, is a famous tourist location renowned for its great history, culture, and amazing vistas. Visiting this attractive city and its nearby places by walking could be demanding, and public transportation might not be the most comfortable option to get around. A visitor is looking for the answer for How to hire a motorbike (Motorcycle) in Kathmandu? Well, fortunately there are enough bike hiring service providers in Kathmandu city which provide a range of high-quality motorbikes at inexpensive prices. Either you’re a solo traveler or in a group with colleagues or friends, hiring a bike in Kathmandu could be a good option to visit the city’s secret gems and original wonders.

From the busy streets of Thamel to the peaceful trails of Shivapuri National Park, there are a lot of attractions and witnesses in which you won’t want to miss. With hiring a motorbike, you’ll have the liberty and resilience to visit at your own footsteps and on your own perceptions. Hence, if you are in Kathmandu and want to know about How to hire a motorbike (Motorcycle) in Kathmandu with a lot of bike hiring service providers in Kathmandu, this can be challenging to understand which one to select. Components like cost, quality of motorbikes, and level of service can hugely differ from one provider to another. To help you search the best motorbike hiring service in Kathmandu, Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal is the best motorbike rental service provider which intercepts your needs and budget.

The question about How to hire a motorbike (Motorcycle) in Kathmandu can be still in your mind well, lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal is one of the leading motorbike rental service providers in Kathmandu City. Situated near Prime Bank Sukedhara Kathmandu Nepal, Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal provides a wide range of well-maintained motorbikes for hiring at inexpensive prices. We have a fleet of motorbikes which involves famous models like Royal Enfield or Pulsar. Whether you are a solo traveler, a group of friends or a couple for a romantic entrance, Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal has some prospects to offer to everybody’s needs.

The hiring procedure at Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal is easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is provide your identification documents and a deposit, and you can ride the bike of your preference. In the situation you face any problem with the motorbike at the time of hiring period; Lekbesi Motorbike Rental Kathmandu provides good support service for our clients, ensuring that you have a smooth and safe ride all over your tour.

How to hire a motorbike (Motorcycle) in Kathmandu and the procedure

Before hiring a motorbike, you need to do an official method in which you have to fill up all your information involving traveling dates, hiring dates, Passport no, contact details that will take you 5-10 minutes. After that you make a payment of the hiring charge and keep the securities deposit money. Assure that you are confirming the rates with the right person and handing over the safety deposit to the correct person. The most significant prospect is not to forget to ask for the written paper of your security deposit.

Where to Motorcycle rent in Nepal, Kathmandu?

First and most important prospect, there are many motorbike tours agencies, Motorcycle rental centers, and mechanics who provide motorbike hiring in Kathmandu Nepal. It is recommended to hire a motorbike registered in the name of the Motorbike Tour agency. In the case the hiring that motorbike registered in the name of the person, somewhere most apparent in urban region traffic police penal you. And getting few legal issues if you hit the third person.

Confirm that you test the motorbike, cautiously; know the terms and conditions, and every time try to confirm that you hire a motorbike from the agency after seeing the motorbike instead of over the phone. There have been diverse comments of riders after booking motorbike over the phone through some unpleasant occasions had been reported too.

Best Accessible Motorbike in Kathmandu

Motorbike tour agency in Kathmandu city provides different kinds of motorbikes on hire. We recommend you should hire a motorbike that matches your riding way and comfort. Royal Enfield, Honda and KTM duke are accessible in touring motorbikes in Kathmandu. Royal Enfield Himalayan is the most appropriate touring motorbike amidst the other motorbikes.

Price of Motorbike Hiring in Kathmandu Nepal

The price of motorbike hiring in Kathmandu begins from USD 25.000 TO USD 75.00 according to motorbike of your preference as according to seasons like pick season and slow season. Lekbesi Motorcycle Tours Nepal offers Royal Enfield motorbikes of different models at affordable prices.

Motorbike Parking

At the time you are riding on a motorbike within an urban place, make sure to save parking space. You can ask any locals if you can park the motorbike here or not. Confirm the handle lock of the motorbike prior to you leaving the motorbike in parking. Don’t leave your helmet and other items at Motorbike Park. Out of the urban place you can park somewhere but don’t disturb anybody.

Make sure you have a legitimate two-wheeler driving license

You should have a legitimate two-wheeler driving license to motorbike hiring in Kathmandu, Nepal. Nepal is a mountainous nation; Himalayan land is not a simple region. With many turns and twists, narrow high hill roads and vertical uphill and downhill with thin air mark it tough. The rider might have a good riding skill in the dirt, gravel, passage stream, etc. Hence truly it is essential to be competent in regards to motorbike riding.

Do not hire an old motorbike

Certain Motorbike hiring companies provide an old motorbike, and you must know how to escape selecting such motorbikes, to decrease the possibility of being stuck in the center of a highway or on a ride in an isolated region. Be careful of such old motorbikes. So, it is quite necessary in which you have some instinctive knowledge of the simple parts of the motorbike so that you can note any issue. And view in the registration book to assure the manufacturing year of the motorbike.


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