Is October good for motorcycle tours in Nepal?

October is the month when visitors travel to Nepal. Matter of fact 50% of all tourists to the nation arrive in October. The glorious mountain ranges are at their best, easily viewed in clear blue skies and the weather is warm and sunny. After the monsoon rains during the month of July and August the highlands and national parks are surrounded in lush greenery. Lot of the nation’s greatest festivals occurs during this time of year too. If the travelers are planning for touring in Nepal, October is a great time to travel as the weather is pretty much excellent. 

Days are classified by delightfully mild temperatures in the low to mid 20s. The air is clear and the sunshine is sparkling so, beautiful landscapes of the vast mountain ranges are guaranteed. Though it is so pleasant, it’s not surprising in which trekking trails can be busy and tea-houses cowed, but the travelers are not to be worried, there is still enough space for everybody. 

Wildlife in the national parks is bountiful and simple to spot during this time of year. The pleasing temperatures are also absolute for visiting Nepal’s age- old historic towns through their wing-roofed shrines, secret squares and frantic markets. The month October is popular among the visitors. 

This period is certainly specified also as festival season as it coincides with Nepal’s two significant festivals, Dashai and Tihar. Summer monsoons clear the environment, resulting in pleasing weather. The cold has a bit of an impact on the weather in the autumn season. As an outcome, motorbike touring can be arranged in regions of Nepal during this of the year. 


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