Is September good for motorcycle tours in Nepal?

By September the rainstorm of the monsoon is starting to diminish and against the end of the month its peak travel season in Nepal. Prematurely in the month there’s a maximum possibility of rain, but as the days move forward, the weather will be clear and days are dry and transparent. Temperatures are delightfully warm, significantly in the low 20s that is excellent for visiting. Through the dust and contamination cleared up through rains, those peak landscapes are at their most epic. Autumn is an absolute season of the year to travel to Nepal. In initial September the travelers may face the odd shower, whereas skies are normally clear and the transparency is perfect.

The views are green and fall of color, so visitors can anticipate taking sufficient pictures. Temperatures are delightfully warm without the heat and moisture of the monsoon months and visiting eons – age’s old shrines and crowded markets is a breeze. Some trekking trails remain muddy and harmed by the monsoon rains and if they are willing to explore higher elevation routes across the locations like Namche Bazaar they may want to wait up till October. As the months pass by, the season kicks into complete equipment and the routes and teahouses become much occupied.

The month of September falls under the season called Barsha Ritu and Sharad Ritu. The initial September is still raining in some parts but as the days pass by the month provides enjoyable weather, as the environment gets clear by the summer monsoons. During this month the weather is not affected by cold. So, a motorcycle tour can be arranged in any parts of Nepal.


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