Is August good for motorcycle tours in Nepal?

The Indian monsoons which soak to eastern Nepal in significant amounts are at their peak during the month of August. For the hardy adventurer who travels to Nepal during this time of the year, wet weather equipment is important. They are required to be pliable also since transport is frequently disturbed by the rains. It’s the peak monsoon season during the month of August in Nepal. Pokhara gets 850mm of rain in just a single month. It’s warm and moist in majority regions of the nation too, but once the rain showers come and dowsed all things the atmosphere does tend to groom oneself a little.

There’s a lot of cloud surrounding during this time of year, so the adventurers will be fortunate if they acquire lots of chances to take in the vast landscapes of the towering mountain ranges. The uppers side is that there are some other travelers around, so the tourist can visit the dilapidated shrines, prayer-flag decorated stupas and narrow streets of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur at a proportionate pace. Many trekking trails are safeguarded from the rains by the mountain ranges, so trekking to the Upper Mustang area and in parts of the Annapurna circuit like the Nar and Phu valleys is excellently likely to do.

The August season falls under the season called Barsha Ritu and Sharad Ritu. Mostly at the time of monsoon season, it rains most of the time and there are thunderstorms all the time. There will be landslides and roads will all be muddy so motorbike touring during this season is not recommended but there are some places like Upper Mustang in which the motorbike tour is still possible.


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