Is July good for motorcycle tours in Nepal?

Agreeably, there aren’t a lot of visitors in Nepal during the month of July. Besides being hot and humid, its mid-monsoon, actually July is significantly the wettest month of the year all over the nation. All that cloud surrounding indicates the transparency is poor too. Routes are muddy, soil erosion on roads not unusual and domestic travel can be troublesome. Through the monsoon in full swing it’s not a great time of year to visit. Roads at times get washed away, significantly in the highlands, and internal flights can get canceled because of the bad transparency. Pokhara gets frequent rain – almost three times as much as Kathmandu.

It does rain most days in Kathmandu also, but mornings are frequently dry and close by ages old gems like Bhaktapur are still simple to reach. The mighty mountain ranges offer shelter for certain portions of the Annapurna circuit across Jomsom, so whilst other regions of the nation are saturated, trekking here is possible through pleasing temperatures in the low 20s. The individual possibly still find those peak landscapes obscured by clouds some of the time, but individual also have the trails to themselves.

The month July falls under the season called Grishma Ritu and Barsha Ritu. At the time of monsoon season it rains heavily and there are thunderstorms sometimes. During the month of July soil erosion in some areas because of heavy rainfall and the roads gets muddy that makes traveling messy. Motorbike tours are not recommended however there are some places likely in this season. Upper Mustang motor biking still is a good season. The Upper Mustang region is a rain shadow area bordering the Tibetan highland.


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