Is April good for motorcycle tours in Nepal?

The month of April is hot and sunny on Nepal’s plains; the temperature in the mid-30s is unusual. To the higher elevation regions, the mercury rides about 20 degree Celsius and status for trekking is absolute. Rain is every time a probability all over Nepal in April, through the monsoon just all over the corner, and the skies can be quite clouded. Nature is at its most magnificent during this time of year through spectacular spring flowers shattering into life even on higher ground. 

April month is famous month in Nepal. The cold nights of winter are confined to higher elevation places and the more extreme heat of summer is yet to come. Kathmandu is a warm 27 degree Celsius and the individual is unlucky if they get caught in greater than the infrequent light shower. Trekkers come in higher numbers for more favorable weather, significantly those who are trekking the Annapurna circuit. There’s a sure alteration towards the end of the month at the time pre-monsoon rain starts to clear away from India. There’s more moisture in the air and the cities can feel slightly sweaty. 

In Nepal the month of April falls in the Basanta Ritu (spring season) that is mid-March to mid-May, the second prosperous season for motorbike tours. This month attracts a large number of tourists. Due to the apparent warm temperature, it is considered a variable weather season, as it is neither very hot nor too cold. This time of the year is more captivating because of the clear skies and pleasing weather in the higher altitudes. This is a perfect month to plan a motorbike tour. 



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