Motorcycle Tour Guide in Nepal

Motorcycle riders can ride by the captivating forests lining the Indian borders, cruising across the towns, cities, and villages in the mountainous foothills, all the way by the Tibet border. The motorcycle riders can relish in the activity of Kathmandu, witness the peaceful town of Pokhara and savor the comfortable surroundings of Lumbini filled through holy chants. Motorcycle Tour presents a plenty of restorative adventure both to the novice and also the ones who have encountered the most difficult roads in the world. The towering mountains, glistening at a distance and glaring by untouched glaciers at the time standing guard across the stunning beauty of the nation is just one of the many places to behold. Nepal is a beautiful nation. There are so many to view and visit. The riders can do a lot of adventurous events, from treks and expeditions to rafting, yoga tours, and traditional treks.

Nepal is the nation which everybody has heard of. That traditional place of Kathmandu’s temple squares, towering stupas, and assembled primitive lanes. It is the residence of Mt Everest and seven of the planet’s ten tallest peaks. There’s a reason why Nepal is popular. It discharges an enigmatic, non-native and not known ambience. Motorcycle Tour to this inexplicable land will permit the riders to view themselves what others have only heard about. The 1,000-year-old city of Kathmandu serves as the starting point for most of the Motorcycle Tours.

Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal is a company located in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Motorcycle Tour Guide in Nepal for motorbike rides is very important. The main objective of the agency is to organize motorbike trips, motorbike rental, and also 4WD jeep tours. If the riders are seeking a dependable, inexpensive, and expert motorbike tour company, motorbike rental, 4WD jeep tour then Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal is the company that provides all these services. This company provides a broad variety of motorbike tours in Nepal. This company has a team of certified and competent motorbike tour experts.

The company has highly certified, well-trained, and friends employees for guiding every aspect of the clients motorbike tour. The company’s proficient and competent team is fully devoted to accomplishing the requirements of motorbike riders, the interested riders can tell the company where and when they want to do the motorbike tour with this company to witness and enjoy Nepal’s amazing and beautiful landscapes of the mountain ranges. To explore the dreams, the company earnestly welcomes the client to join them in a thrilling and unforgettable adventure which comes only once in a lifetime.

This company happily designs the client’s tour according to the rider’s choice and interest. At the time the riders come on one of the motorbike’s tours in Nepal, the company wants its client to witness the tour, feel it and be part of it. Lekbesi Motorbike Tour Nepal is one of the motorbike tour agencies in Nepal that provides stress-free, Motorcycle Tour Guided in Nepal together with the very best beautiful mountain and hilly roads of Nepal. The riders can enjoy the splendidly amazing views, history, tradition, impressive local food and much more through Lekbesi Motorbike Tour Nepal that provides motorcycle tours in Nepal.

Nepal is the most appropriate for motorbike tours even though the majority of the individuals they know Nepal is more popular for Trekking Nepal. Nation of broad varieties in landscapes, distinctive climates and the road in the highland regions is small, muddy and windy those are appropriate and enjoyable for motorcycle riding. Anybody can design riding tours in Nepal according to their lapse of time. City to city riding is to visit cultural heritage places, original landscapes, and peoples. The mountainous region motor biking reaches elevation land bordering up to Tibet that provides the riders an experience of the high mountain region through enormous highland landscapes. The ride to Upper Mustang is one of those where they will reach up to 5000-meter elevation.

Some of the most popular locations for Motorcycle Tour Guide in Nepal

 Upper Mustang Motorbiking one of the best Motorbiking route in Nepal

The ride begins from Kathmandu to an originally beautiful city Pokhara. The rider enters first a lower Mustang region following the bank of Kaligandaki River road. They can visit the lengthiest suspension bridge in Kushma, Natural hot spring in Tatopani village, and walk around significant villages like Marpha, Kagbeni through a lot of significant monasteries. Muktinath temple at 3800m elevation is another attraction in this riding trip.

The Upper Mustang region begins from Kagbeni. The landscape starts to be fewer floras like a panoramic plateau through huge mountain views. Lo – Manthang is headquartered in the Upper Mustang region, has exploration days all over the local settlement and can visit ages-old monasteries and caves. They motorbike riders can till Kora La pass (Nepal Tibet border) and similar way back to Kathmandu. Upper Mustang before was very popular for Trekking and after road entrance, Upper Mustang is more appropriate now for motor biking and also driving by jeep. The itinerary of the Upper Mustang driver tour is similar to motorcycle touring.

Lower Mustang OR Jomsom Muktinath Motorbiking for a short Biking tour in Nepal

The motorbikers can select the lower Mustang region for their start motorcycle touring to visit the cultural Mountainous route. Kathmandu to Pokhara, Pokhara to Kalopani via Kusma Bridge (one of the largest suspension bridges in Nepal), Beni and Galeshwor, Kalopani to Kagbeni, Kagbeni to Muktinath temple and the same way back to Pokhara. The highest elevation the riders will reach is around 4000 meters. Muktinath temple is one of the significant Hindu and Buddhist temples from which beautiful mountains and views can be experienced. This is also the significant location to end Annapurna Thorong La pass trekking.

One can take a religious bath and take an opportunity to pray at the shrines. Kagbeni village is one of the significant Tibetan style villages that still can visit the most aged monasteries and different styles of local peoples. Warmly welcomed individuals in the whole region offer locally handled tea-houses; kinds of lodging that are all visitors’ standard neat and clean through bathroom within. Huge opportunity to explore local villages. Riders can also meet people and take good photographs. This route is also through attractive waterfalls, riding by Kali Gandaki Riverbank and also one of the horrifying roads in Nepal.

Motorcycle Tour to Manang and Hike to Tilicho Lake (4,919m)

Another short Motorcycle tour in Nepal is a ride to Manang. Manang is a typical highland village at an elevation of 3,520 meters traditionally similar to Tibet. Less flora landscape is also the same to the Tibetan plateau. After Manang, it is another 2 hours trekking reach at the tallest mountain lake Tilicho. Riders will begin riding from Kathmandu and reach Besisahar on the first day. After Besi Sahar, riding by highland muddy road that is within the attractive forest and local villages.

Low land riding road is through waterfalls, jungle and various settlements of various peoples. When the riders entered high elevation land, the region became less flora traditionally Tibetan peoples through many different memorial Chortens and monasteries. Riding road access is up to Khangsar village after going by Manang. From Khangsar they will hike to Tilcho Lake that is 3 days up and down. Same way riding back to Kathmandu. This is the popular Annapurna Nepalese Trekking route.

Everest Motorcycle Tour

Mt. Everest (8,848m) is the tallest mountain peak in the world. Everyone has their dream to visit it. Nepal is the land which lies Mt. Everest. There are many options to reach close to Mt. Everest. Climbing Everest is everyone’s reach. Trekking up to Everest base camp, the motorcycle riders will climb Kalapathar to visit the good landscape of Mount Everest or short trekking to Everest viewpoint.

Another appropriate choice is to take a motorcycle ride up to Everest’s viewpoint. The lower region of Khumbu has an unpaved road appropriate for adventure motorcycle tours. It is not only riding Everest’s view but also visiting local villages, meeting various cultural peoples, visiting the original beauty of the area, and a lot more.

Best Himalayan Biking Tour in Nepal

This event is covering most attractive and significant cities, settlements in Nepal, and highland regions. Kathmandu city of traditional heritage, Nuwakot the small town through old palaces, beautiful views, and best motorcycle tour road. Natural city Pokhara and its neighboring amazing Lakes, attractive peaks and green jungle. Bust sunrise and Frontier Mountain View location Sarankot is also in the event.

Birthplace of Buddha Lumbini, popular natural National Park Chitwan National Park, stay overnight in Bandipur village on the way back to Kathmandu. This is the tour in Nepal for all seasons but still better to bypass the monsoon season. (Late June till the end of August). Simple to organize in various ways. Lekbesi Motorbike Tour Nepal can plan this tour according to the rider budget. Simple lodgings till 5 star super deluxe hotels are accessible in the whole locations.

Motorcycle Tour Guide in Nepal and things to know regarding motorbike tours in Nepal

  • At the time of the motorcycle tour in Nepal, the riders will be able to experience amazing landscapes and be aware of the traditional way of living of Nepalese people in different places. At the time on a motorcycle tour in Nepal, one must have the proper equipment and gears. The riders must also be notified of the speed limits and traffic rules. Some regions, like Annapurna region, Langtang region, Mustang region, and others, might need permission. 
  • In Nepal, there are certain benefits and disadvantages of Motor biking. Nevertheless, of the disadvantages, the riders will view the best which Nepal has to present. Also, at the time there are drawbacks to riding a motorbike, there are some prospects to be known of. Nepal is a developing nation that encounters significant challenges. So, here are some of the prospects the riders should concentrate on regaining motor biking in Nepal. 
  • The riders will be amazed by Nepal’s different terrains’ stunning landscapes and incredible beauty. Hence, visiting those places can be demanding. Some regions might need permits to enter. It would serve the riders finest if they also were prepared for unmanageable events beyond their control. 
  • Riders are to be assured they are covered by insurance in particular. 
  • Maintaining their identification documents with riders the whole time, and if any region needs documents for biking, they must complete it. 
  • Riders are not to overpower; weariness and drained power not to operate well, and the riders won’t enjoy the experience. 
  • The most significant element is selecting an excellent bike for them, one that they enjoy riding which is practical and convenient for them. Changing from one motorbike to another can be demanding for some motorcycle riders. As an outcome, an exceptional motorbike selection may support them in making their tour experience more enjoyable. 
  • The rides must also be well informed of the traffic rules and regulations. Getting into traffic in some crowded areas may be challenging. As an outcome, riders are to be prepared for it. 



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