A Comprehensive Guide to Motorcycle / Motorbike Tours in Nepal

Himalayan nation Nepal is one of the best locations for motorbike trips. Motor Bikes Tours Nepal is an ultimate extreme adventure motorbike tour agency in Nepal. Handled by local tour professionals, this agency brings together riders from all over the globe and offers a lifetime different travel experience. The agency is established based on the eastern hostility, friendliness, and excellent knowledge of the region combined through the western level of organization and conduct. This company provides the most Comprehensive Guide to Motorcycle/Motorbike Tours in Nepal. With the professional and passion for standard and adventure, this company has an outstanding motorcycle/motorbike tour over challenging and exciting roads by a certified and passionate team of riders.

Certainly, motorbike tours in Nepal are a moving adventurous experience. Motorcycle/Motorbike Tours in Nepal will take the riders from town to town, by paddy fields, to combine through the incredibly chipper and enticing individuals in Nepal. Most of the motorcycle tours are an association of the mountainous ranges, culture, and nature. It takes to reach significant Nepalese villages, highlands to view the attractive mountain ranges, and magnificent hills. This is undoubtedly in which a motorbike tour is one of the great adventurous tours in Nepal to view local villages, sunrise, sunset, rivers, attractive hills, and peaks in different touristic locations.

Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal have been arranging motorbike tours to different thrilling locations in Nepal through a team of well-maintained mechanics, guides, and support vehicles. This agency also organizes tours, also offers motorbike rental services through different models and brands of motorcycles like Royal Enfield, Himalaya, or Honda etc. As per the preference of the clients, they can choose the motorbike tour in Nepal. They also offer the clients through the finest schedule and inexpensive price. In Nepal, is likely to create a one day Motorcycle Tour to 2 weeks of motorcycle tour relying on their preference and time accessibility. The agency’ entire motorcycle tour relies upon the client’s preference and time availability.

The company’s motorcycle tours are based on numerous years of experience, knowledge of the weather, and an acknowledgement of local realities. And this indicates that the client’s moto-tour will be convenient. Protected, and remembered for their whole life. Now, a lot of trekking regions have access to rugged roads which accept the Everest region. Thus it is likely to create motorbike tours to Upper Mustang, Lower Mustang, Manang, Rara, etc. Motorcycle to Upper Mustang, the ancient kingdom of Nepal is becoming more famous amidst biking tours that take to reach the Tibetan border named Corolla border.

Nepal, through its awe-inspiring landscapes, towering Himalaya, and lively cultural heritage, provides motorcycle passion with a different and exciting witnessing. Motorcycle ride through Nepal permits the riders to visit rough terrains, overcome demanding highland passes, and submerge themselves in the nation’s rich cultural drapes. Comprehensive Guide to Motorcycle/Motorbike Tours in Nepal will offer the riders detailed information to assist them plan and start on a most memorable motorcycle tour in Nepal.

Best time for the exploration

Nepal witnesses different seasons. Spring (March to May), summer (June to August), autumn (September to November), and winter (December to February). The best time for motorcycle trips in Nepal is at the time of dry months of October to December and February to May. These durations provide pleasing weather, clear skies, and good road conditions, assuring a protected and enjoyable tour.

Famous Motorcycle Tour Routes

Kathmandu Valley and Environments: The riders can embark their motorcycle tour in the vibrant city of Kathmandu and visit the surrounding areas. They can visit UNESCO World Heritage locations like Boudhanath Stupa and Pashupatinath Temple, ride by cultural Newari towns like Bhatkapur and Patan, and experience incredible views from close by hill stations like Nagarkot and Dhulikhel.

Pokhara and Annapurna Regions: The riders can ride from Kathmandu to the attractive lakeside of Pokhara, popular for its amazing highland landscapes and peaceful ambiance. From Pokhara, they can start on the popular Annapurna regions like Annapurna Circuit Trail up to Manang, a demanding and attractive route which takes the riders by distinct landscapes, beautiful villages, and High Mountain passes.

Mustang and Upper Mustang: For an honest and adventuresome witnessing, the riders can travel into the isolated region of Mustang. Ride by rough terrain, visit very old caves and monasteries, and experience the diverse Tibetan culture and amazing landscape of the “Forbidden Kingdom”. The tour to Lo Manthang, the capital of Mustang, provides a most memorable experience.

Necessary Preparation

  • Motorcycle Selection: The riders can select a motorcycle appropriate for the kind of terrain they plan to ride on. They choose a durable, reliable, and well-maintained motorcycle through good off-roading. Most favored motorbikes in Nepal for the Nepal tours would be Royal Enfield, Pulsar and Crossfire.
  • Riding Skills and License: It is important to have solid motorcycle riding capabilities, significantly for off-road parts and highland terrain. Motorcycle riders can acquire an international driving license and enlighten themselves through local traffic rules and regulations. They can acknowledge taking a motorcycle training course prior to their tour to enhance their skills and assurance.
  • Safety Equipment: The riders can prioritize their protection through wearing proper riding equipment. Important equipment involves a DOT-approved helmet, safety riding jacket and pants, gloves, knee guards, and durable boots. It is important to dress in layers to adjust to altering weather conditions, involving rain and cold temperatures at higher elevations.
  • Travel Insurance: Riders can buy comprehensive travel insurance that shields motorcycle trips, involving medical emergencies, evacuation, and motorcycle harm or theft. They can assure that their insurance policy is authentic for the period of their tour and offers sufficient coverage for the events they plan to immerse in. 

 Protection Considerations

  • Road Conditions: The motorcycle riders will have to be ready for varying road conditions in Nepal. At times significant highways are properly paved; several rural regions have rugged and demanding off-road paths. Riders will have to maintain alertness at the time of riding, anticipate road risks, and adjust to altering surfaces, traffic conditions, and local driving practices. 
  • Weather Realization: Nepal Himalayan regions are prone to unforeseeable weather alterations. Riders will have to observe weather predictions and be ready for unforeseen rain, fog, or temperature alterations. Is important to ride carefully at the time of distinct weather conditions and escape riding at night in isolated regions through limited visibility. 
  • Elevations Considerations: Lot of motorcycle tours in Nepal includes riding to high-elevation parts. Appropriate acclimatization is important to prevent altitude sickness. It is important ascends slowly, stay hydrated, and taking consistent breaks to allow their body to adjust to the elevation. Riders are to be alert of the symptoms of altitude sickness and descend if essential. 
  • Local Knowledge: It is also important for riders to immerse in the services of an experienced local guide or to join a prominent motorcycle tour operator. They hold in-depth knowledge of the region, road conditions, and traditional insights. They can provide valuable support, help navigate demanding terrains, and assure their safeguarding all over the tour.

Culture Respect

Nepal is popular for its distinctive cultural heritage and holy places. It is essential for riders to show respect for local cultures, traditional, and holy practices. It also essential for riders to dress humbly, asking for permission prior to entering holy places, and escape any activities that might offend local responsiveness. Riders can interpret with local communities with a friendly and humble perspective. 

Best Touring Bike in Nepal

The famous and best touring bikes in Nepal for highland touring are Royal Enfield Himalayan, Royal Enfield Classic, Honda CRF, Bajaj Pulsar 220, etc.

Famous Motorcycle Tours in Nepal 

  • Upper Mustang Motor Biking Tour
  • Rara Lake Motor Bike Tour
  • Kathmandu Valley Motor Biking Day Tour
  • Nepal Bhutan MotorBike Tour
  • Muktinath Motor Bike Tour
  • Tilicho Lake Manang Motor Bike Tour
  • Kathmandu to Sallari MotorBike Tour
  • Nepal Golden Triangle Biking Tour (Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara, via Lumbini and Palpa )
  • Nepal East-West with Pokhara Bike Tour

A Comprehensive Guide to Motorcycle/Motorbike Tours in Nepal

Nepal is a developing natural and culturally rich nation. Through expanding road networks, the motorcycle tour takes the riders nearer to the mountain ranges and is the best location to explore that is only likely to be done with Motorcycle or extreme trekking. At the time taking all the best places to visit in Nepal on motorcycle, the riders have to travel a few days off-road after crossing the significant cities of Nepal.These towns will be different relying upon their option of motorcycle tour in Nepal with Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal. 

Hence, this agency tries their best to associate attractive locations to make their motorcycle tour more adventurous. Comprehensive Guide to Motorcycle/Motorbike Tours in Nepal that whichever motorcycle tour the client selects, they will acquire an opportunity to explore the finest locations within their ride. 

The adventure of motorcycles is distinctive from outstanding kinds of drive or jeep tours. Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal every time follows the finest motorcycle routes in Nepal that provides the client’s genuine, adventuresome riding with their motorcycle. 

Best Location to explore with Motorcycle in Nepal 

  1. Kathmandu Valley Tour and its 3 Durbar Square and All UNESCO Sites.
  2. Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Chandragiri – Best View Points around the Kathmandu Valley.
  3. Chitwan National Park – The Third Most Popular Area To Visit for Jungle Activities, Royal Bangel Tiger, One-Horned Rhinoceros, Asian Elephants, and more.
  4. Bardia National Park – New and a new destination for Jungle Activities.
  5. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve – The Wildlife Reserve with the Widest River Bank as the Sea.
  6. East-West Highway also called Mahendra Highway – From East of Nepal to West over the most popular longest Highway of Nepal.
  7. BP Highway – For Scenic as well as a most adventurous curved highway of Nepal
  8. Lumbini – Must Visit sites in Nepal since Lord Gautam Buddha was born here. Very Important attraction and place of the 

10 Beautiful Places to Ride Your Motor Bike in Nepal

  1. Pokhara – The Tourist capital of Nepal, where the mountain ranges, Lakes, and Highlands intercept through clients motorcycle ride. 
  2. Pokhara Baglung with Dhorpatan – For Distinctive Riding, that takes clients to The Only Hunting Reserve of Nepal.
  3. Kusma – Baglung – The Hub of High Suspension bridges, the planet second highest Bungee, the First Cable Bridge, Sky Walk, and Cliff Swing over Kaligandaki.
  4. Muktinath – Shrine located above 3,800 meters through road connection is also a significant Hindu pilgrimage place.
  5. Mustang and Lomanthang with Korala Border – The finest motorcycle location in Nepal. The different mountain deserts in the Rain Shadow of the Mountain ranges. Also full of ancient Tibetan Buddhist religious locations, old artistic palaces, caves, and traditional way of living.
  6. Manang with Tilicho Lake Hike – Off-Road Motorcycle Riding and Deep River Gorge through the Planet’s Highest Lake.
  7. Salleri and Patel – From where client view Mt. Everest a short Hike, The Highest Mountain of the World.
  8. Ilam and Eastern Nepal – The original tea garden paradise, Antu Danda, and several other attractions.
  9. Rara Lake and Phy Phoksundo Lake – The Most beautiful and deepest lakes correspondingly in the far virgin west of Nepal
  10. Chandani Dohara Bridge – The Longest Bridge over the Mahakali River in West Nepal

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