Royal Enfield Bike (Motorcycle) rent in Kathmandu

Lekbesi Motorcycle Tours Nepal provides motorbike rentals, motorbike tours, and tour rentals in Kathmandu Nepal. We provide Royal Enfield Bike (Motorcycle) rent in Kathmandu. Lekbesi Motorcycle Tours Nepal is the company established for the fanatics of the motorbike riders and tours in Kathmandu and also other parts of Nepal. We like classic motorcycles and travel all over the Himalayan Kingdom to discover beautiful Nepal for the riders who are going for a tour. We entertain all bike riders of any community or ethnic group, either novice, intermediate, or advanced, from any part of the planet to spend their valuable time in this small heaven Nepal. It is renowned as the nation of Mt. Everest, the highest mountain of the planet and the birthplace of ‘Lord Buddha’.

Lekbesi is very delighted to offer the service like Royal Enfield Bike (Motorcycle) rent in Kathmandu where the riders pursue their adventure dreams and we help to make successful events for them. Royal Enfield Bike (Motorcycle) rent in Kathmandu provided our company would be affordable and well maintained Royal Enfield Motorcycles like Royal Enfield Himalayan or Royal Enfield Classic.

Why should you choose Royal Enfield Motorcycle?

In a not very long age, Royal Enfield was an attained taste. You won’t find a lot of these on the roads. The organization traded only a limited number each year and was on the verge of bankruptcy. Then a couple of years passed, many alterations both in regards to cosmetics and automatic were made, and at present Royal Enfield is possibly the top selling motorbikes in the Nepalese market. So why is everybody preferring buying a Bullet and why should you rent too? Well, below are a few of the most well-known reasons. Please keep in mind even though we are mentioning the reasons below from the point of buying or hiring a Royal Enfield and not an old one.

Road Presence of Legendary Bullet

This has been one of the biggest benefits of buying or hiring a Royal Enfield Motorbike. They have been selling these motorbikes for over 50 years now and this reason has never faded away. It does not impact either it is an old Bullet or the fresh model, a Royal Enfield will every time captivate attention. The very design of the motorbike is ageless. Give a thought regarding it, every other motorbike manufacturer alters their edition and will introduce a fresh edition since after a while, the preceding ones just do not sell.

They have to continue launching something new to maintain their business. With Royal Enfield hence, this newer was or is the case. They are still continuing on an edition from 50 years ago and still seem new. It still looks attractive and individuals still buy or hire it just for that very design. Ride a Royal Enfield and it is bound to create its existence felt either the reason of its outlook or the legendary thump.

Dependability of Royal Enfield Motorcycles

Everybody will say to you that Royal Enfield’s’ are the most unreliable motorbikes accessible that hence is completely wrong. This is only a conception. Like any other appliance, if you provide appropriate care, a Bullet will never cause you any problem. The fresh models are mechanized with a unit construction engine that not just is easier to keep in existence but also are very more modernized compared to the old iron AVL engines. The company offers a warranty of 24 months that displays their own self esteem in their appliances. A Royal Enfield doubtlessly is one of the most reliable motorbikes you can obtain in the Nepalese market at present.

Power of Royal Enfield

When it comes to rugged topography like Mustang in Nepal or any other mountainous locations in fact, one of the most general questions will arise is “Can my motorcycle manage this location?” This question arrives from all kinds of motorbike owners or rental clients but never from an individual who owns or rents Bullet. This is due to the fact that at the time you buy or rent a Royal Enfield, you already know that your motorbike has the ability of managing all kinds of inclines or any topography; which can go all places whether it is a road available or not. If you are a travel junkie then you also have the option to select motorcycles like Himalayan; that is significantly designed for the hills through the power which a Royal Enfield provides.

Royal Enfield Ride Quality

And it is not only the mountainous and rugged topography which a Bullet proves its metal on. Even on the highways and plains, the ride quality of an Enfield is exceptional. The entire heavy design matched through superb low and torque will offer great highway firmness through no loss of traction anywhere.

Fuel Effectively of Royal Enfield Motorcycles

Despite the huge engine and heavy design, a Royal Enfield will effortlessly provide you a mileage of 30-35 Kilometers per liter, even the bigger 500cc engine will unless it is very badly maintained. This in our perception is a “doesn’t get any better” arrangement. You acquire all the power without spending loads on fuel. If you select any other motorbike accessible, they will mostly provide you with similar fuel efficiency but through a much smaller engine. It is great to hire or buy a Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield Build Quality

We are really discussing an essential prospect that is age here. A Royal Enfield is designed to resist time. Did you know of any other bike that lasted 20 to 30 years and still has the ability of a simple tour? Rent a Royal Enfield, ride it well and you will understand what it will serve you for more to come.

Royal Enfield Customization

The customization option a RE provides is huge. All that you require to have is thinking and finding somebody who can do it for you. No other motorbike provides such customization choices in Nepal. If you are somebody who likes their rides for being different, then Bullet is the most favorable motorbike for you. Another additional benefit is that making alterations to a Royal Enfield is not that inconvenient a task and even easy mechanics in a lot of cities do this work.


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