Royal Enfield Himalayan Rent in Kathmandu

Are you looking for Royal Enfield Himalayan Rent in Kathmandu for the tour? Well, adventure bikes are all the rage in motorcycling at present. They are also huge, heavy, complex, and costly for the most part, that puts them out of the reach of a lot of riders. Because of that, there is a shift against cheaper and simpler adventure motorbike. Royal Enfield has exploited that stimulus through the Himalayan that might well be the most reasonable and simplest way out there. But does being simple and inexpensive make it a bad motorbike? Did Royal Enfield skim on the features and create quality? Or is this assumption just plain incorrect? The response, as general, is complex. The Royal Enfield Himalayan Rent in Kathmandu does a lot of prospects very well but might miss just a few steps together with the way.

Every new motorcycle has expanding pains, and the Royal Enfield Himalayan is no different. Royal Enfield motorbikes have heard a lot of its rider’s comments and have initiated to fix as many of them as possible. Yet at the same time, we’re tracking all the newest updates they have made to this famous and prosperous budget adventure motorbike. If you are looking for Royal Enfield Himalayan Rent in Kathmandu for the tour then Lekbesi Motorcycle Tours Nepal provides this motorcycle in well-maintained condition.

But first you need know advantages about the Royal Enfield Himalayan motorbike

Seating Ergos

Now one of the most powerful points of the Royal Enfield Himalayan is our perception of the seating ergos. With a seat height of just 800mm, it’s quite comfortable to swing over the leg. Persons who are 6 feet may look pretty simple, but it is actually quite better for the average person. And once you are seated, the seating triangle is excellent. The wide handlebar provides you better leverage and it isn’t much far or within.

The footpegs are neutral. So touring will be comfortable. And if you are one of those, who will spend a lot of time on rugged roads, well, the good news is, and you will be having a good time with the Royal Enfield Himalayan since the standing up ergos are very good. You can reach on to the bar effortlessly, and there’s sufficient space to hold on to the fuel tank.

Torquey Motor

This BS6 motor is at present fuel-injected and it has lost some peripheral strength, but it has acquired much better straining. Fact is, it feels like a totally different engine. The motorbike maintains a similar linear power transport. There’s still powerful low and mid-range torque which can be oppressed simply on road and also off the road. The gearbox is not as jagged as previously. The taller gear proportions support highway and off-road riding.

Travel Anywhere Capability

Most of the motorbike guys love the Royal Enfield Himalayan because of its creativity, all thanks to the existence of huge ground authorization and the long travel front deferment. This indicates the motorbike can do much more than just going to the office. During the weekends, you can take it on the dirt and have a good time. And now through the substitutable ABS, the fun has arrived at an entirely fresh level. And in the situation the dirt attempts you out, hits a few highways and experiences that cool breeze.

Touring friendly Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is one perfect touring motorbike. Through a fuel tank capacity of 15 liters, it results in a reasonable riding range. Additionally, it also has an increasingly convenient ride build up. The suspension consumes most of the bad road through no difficulty. This motorbike allows you to cruise at 100 kmph all day long. It is totally baggage friendly also. It gets a tail rack as standard. In addition, the metal holders around the tank are handy to mount a few baggages too. And in this situation, if you want to carry more baggage, you can every time mount a saddle and tank bags.

Looks Desirable

The Royal Enfield Himalayan every time had a good road presence and at present through the fancier color, the motorcycle looks more preferred. Then there are prospects like huge wheels, long travel suspension and the controlling riding position which captivates individuals.

Equipment needed for Royal Enfield Himalayan Rent in Kathmandu for tour

Motorcycle Clothing

Jacket and trousers
Gloves x 2 (summer and winter)
Neck tube
Ear plugs
Riding socks
Throw-over waterproofs

Personal Clothing
Lightweight down jacket (doubles up as bike thermal)
Thin trousers
Flip flops
Light and small trainers

Mobile phone
DSLR or point and shoot camera
Travel tripod
GoPro / Sena / Drift
GoPro stick
Set of memory cards
Chargers and USB battery pack
Laptop or tablet
Removable hard drive
GPS tracker
USB with backups of important info
Emergency Satellite Communicator

Sleeping bag and silk liner
Roll mat
Tent (Check out our 10 BEST Tents article)
Cooking equipment including washbowl, cutlery, spices, chopping board, utensils, fire starter etc.
Camp knife
Head torch
Para cord
Shower bag

Motorcycle soft panniers
Motorcycle hard panniers
Top box
Tank bag
Crash bar panniers
Tool box or tube
Roll up rucksack for when you’re off the bike
Electronics bag
Packing cubes
Rok Straps
Cargo net
Toothbrush and paste
Soap/ shower gel/ shampoo
Shaving kit
First aid kit
Hand sanitiser
Mosquito repellent
Sun cream
Passport and copies
Driver’s licence and copies
International Driver’s Permit
Vehicle registration document
Vaccination book
Carnet de Passage (if needed).
Travel insurance
Passport photographs (can’t have enough of these)
Emergency USD
Bank cards
Easily accessible paper with all important contact info on.
Spare bike key


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